Convert Your Visitors To Customers With These Stunning Web Design Practices of 2016

Convert Your Visitors To Customers With These Stunning Web Design Practices of 2016

There has been a considerable increase in the growth of business websites all over the world in the last few years. There are a lot of methods that are currently being adopted in order to design the website in a more alluring manner. It is not about making a website mobile responsive that can improve the overall appearance. Minor things such as the loading time of the website and call to action buttons play a very vital role in making a website interactive and attractive.

While most of the time a web design is primarily made in order to attract a visitor, but it does not serve the primary purpose of converting him or her into a customer. Here, we will present some web design and development solutions that will surely convert the visitors of your website into real time customers.


Go For Aesthetic Designs

You should always maintain a harmony between design and functionality. While design includes background colours and images, content, on the other hand, comprises of helpful information for visitors. Most of the time, the web visitors consider the overall appearance of the website according to a research done by Go Globe. We can say that it is the aesthetic appeal of a website that appeals more to the visitors.

Resolve The Slow Loading Time

People hate to stay in a website, which takes more than 5 seconds to open. More than 48% of the visitors will go away if your web page takes more time to load. Speed is, therefore, an important consideration that should always be kept in mind. If the images are taking a long time to open , then there is definitely a problem in the website’s speed and you need to solve that. People prefer to view a well-designed website rather than a website with plain designs.

Provide More Details In The Contact Page

It is imperative to offer the maximum contact details as much as possible while designing for your website. Even if you have an online business, then do not forget to include important contact information such as address, email id, and phone number. The benefit of giving these important details is that if your customers are facing problems related to your website, then they can contact with you anytime.

Add More Pages For More Clarity

As a marketer, it is important to get in the customer’s shoes and understand what information are they looking for in a website. Once you are able to figure it out, you can evaluate that whether the website gives all the information or not. Well. It has been seen that most of the time, the visitors focus on the About Us, services and contact us and the testimonial pages. It is, therefore, important that as a designer you must be able to create visually appealing pages.

Once you follow the above-mentioned practices, you will witness the number of visitors who keep coming to your website has actually turned into real customers.


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