Rapid Mobile Application Development: Improve the Timeline With These Simple Steps

Rapid Mobile Application Development: Improve the Timeline With These Simple Steps

In one of the summits by Gartner, it was revealed that by the end of 2017, the demand for mobile application will be five times faster than the need of the IT organization. Further, the company also found out that sale of mobile phones will be around 2.1 billion by the year 2019. These figures clearly speak of the immense popularity of mobile application in the times to come and bring plenty of opportunities for app developers.

One of the challenges which are faced more frequently by most of the mobile application development companies is to deliver or present the final app to the client. The tight deadlines make it necessary for the developers to have a method or a tool that will fasten the process of mobile application development.

Always Use Wireframes With Low Fidelity

You must use low fidelity wireframes in order to ease the process of mapping and designing the architectural layout of the mobile application. It will be beneficial from the designing point of view. As compared to the high-quality wireframes, the low-quality wireframes save your time to a great extent. They have less details and gives a perfect idea to the developers as far as improving the functionalities are concerned.

Opt For Hybrid Development Solutions

With the help of cross-app development platforms such as Xamarin and PhoneGap, you can make use of one codebase and use it to write across multiple platforms. The result is you get two apps (one for iOS and the other for Android) while writing one single code. Hybrid apps enable you to take care of the animations with less memory and complete the task of app development taking less time.

Outsource Some Coding Activities

Sometimes there might be situations, where you as an organization might fall shortfall of developers. In this situation, you can outsource the task of coding. For instance: if you want to add the coding add-ons to the core product and your developers have experience in developing for such apps and also want to add this Android as well, then it is an intelligent decision to hire an external team of Android.

Go For Automated Testing

That’s for ensuring maximum app security. With the help of automated testing, you can subsequently test a number of projects when you are loaded with others. You can simultaneously run many tests together and save a considerable amount of time. Doing automated testing also ensures that the app is bug free.

Get Rid Of Non- Core Activities

Once the mobile app is ready, the next important step is to engage those who will be using the app. You can take the help of many mobile engagement platforms that will bring the app closer to the user. You can add the core product without writing any extra codes, hence you save a lot of time.

If you follow the above-mentioned processes, then you will end up saving a lot of time and will end up developing a mobile application within the deadlines of the project.


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