E-Commerce Web Development: Choosing A Payment Gateway For Faster Transactions

E-Commerce Web Development: Choosing A Payment Gateway For Faster Transactions

Ever since the advent of online stores, the concept of paperless money or electronic payments has come to the foray. They have taken precedence over physical cash thus helping the user to initiate transactions with one click and complete the purchase in less than a minute. It’s easier, faster and allows you to shop while on the go.

The world is today replete with a number of payment gateways. Whether it is Paypal, Adyen or Authorize.net, as an entrepreneur of an e-commerce web development firm, it is a challenging task for you to select the right payment gateway. But not for us, because we are here to assist you with the various types of payment gateways that are currently available and help you to decide which is the best e-commerce payment gateways for your business.

In order to decide the right payment platform of your business, you need to keep the following factors in mind. They will help you to decide which is the perfect platform for e-commerce web development of your website.

Know The Payment Types

If you are having your own business then you have to understand the type of payment, which your customers are comfortable with. However, credit card and the debit card remain the most preferred way of transactions but it is important to keep in mind that even other methods of transacting online such as Paypal. You can integrate your payment systems either by incurring additional charges or else you can open a merchant account with them.

Keep In Mind About Currencies

If your business is spread to more than one geographical boundary, then it is important to determine whether all the transactions are processed properly from every country or not. In order to determine this, make sure that your gateway can accept all types of currencies without any difficulty. Check that your website can create connection successfully with a merchant bank on a locally hosted website and can offer the option of Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Financing Of The Project

There are a number of costing factors, which one needs to keep in mind before choosing a payment gateway. For instance: what is the setup cost of integration and merchant account, the amount of flat transaction fee and any other search back fee is involved or not. It is also important to keep in mind about the charge back fees, which companies have to incur sometimes in the case of a consumer dispute.

Great Customer Support

Your business could come to a complete halt if you do not have a proper customer support. To convert your prospective customer into real ones, it is mandatory to have a strong supporting customer service team, which would clarify all the queries or doubts related to an e-commerce website and its products.

Once you are confident of all the four important factors mentioned above, only then pick up the right payment gateway platform for your business. However, you must study your customers carefully and understand their requirements first before taking the final decision.

Looking for simplified e-commerce the web development solutions? then send us an email at sales@unifiedinfotech.net and we will contact you.


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