Top 5 Must To Follow Custom Web Design Principles

Top 5 Must To Follow Custom Web Design Principles

The concept of design is always evolving. It is not bounded by the shackles of traditional rules anymore. It can be molded to any shape in order to give it the desired look. Taking this thinking forward comes the role of custom web designing, where one can achieve the look exactly he or she wants it to be. With the evolution of modern designing techniques, it is possible to create illustrious designs today that keep people glued to a particular image on a website for a long time.

Talking about custom web design solutions, it can be termed as a rising concept. With the rise in the demand for different designs, it has become imperative to have a personality in terms of the look and appearance of a website, which only a custom web design can achieve.

In order to help you make custom web design and development, we have come up with 5 must to follow custom web design solutions. Take a look below:

  1. Understand The Purpose

A custom web design must have some purpose of its own. You should determine the reason why your visitors have come to the website. Are they looking for any kind of business, information or for interaction purposes only? Such factors decide to a large extent the kind of web design which you will deliver to the client.

  1. Decide The Typefaces

Use Arial and Verdana as they are quite easier when it comes to good readability. Do you know that 16px is just the perfect font size and 3 point size is the ultimate one to keep the design of a web page intact? Hence always stick to such kind of designs as it will be easier for the users to read the content in a clear manner.

  1. Pick Colors Intelligently

Don’t use colors merely for the sake of using them. Instead, pick them intelligently and then use them. Whatever colors you sure that they bring harmony and balance. One helpful tip here: use of contrasting colors in the background and text will help the readers to read stuff on the website easily. Don’t forget to white space to give your website an ultra modern appearance.

  1. Go For F Pattern Design

Studies have shown that people mostly read from left towards the right, which is about following the F pattern. The visual flow here is an important factor to be considered, as this is the only way to capture the attention of the reader.

  1. Take Care Of The Loading Time

One of the deciding factors for a great custom web design is the loading time of a webpage. Your users can turn away from your website easily if it takes more time to upload. It is recommended that you optimize the image sizes and convert the code either into JavaScript or CSS file, which further increase the page load time.

These five principles will help you to make the ultimate custom website design for your clients.


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