Powerful iOS 10 Features That Make Your iPhone Stronger

Powerful iOS 10 Features That Make Your iPhone Stronger

The latest release of the recent iOS version by Tim Cook is anticipated to be one of the most powerful versions that Apple has ever released. It is one of the most anticipated release that Apple lovers all over the world have been waiting to witness. This time, iOS 10 has not disappointed as it has come out with a whole new set of features for Apple Pay, Maps, Photos and Control Centers. Whether it is the newly designed 3D touch notification of the lock screen or the newly introduced ‘raise to wake’ feature, the latest modification is bound to capture your imagination.

So, let us see which powerful features of iOS 10 that makes this operating system from Apple the real hero and how it proves to be one of the fascinating updates in iOS app development.

New Lock Screen

The ‘slide to unlock,’ is one of the noteworthy features that has been changed, as it ceases to exist now. Instead, the lock screen has a bright new look with an all new Control Center. The side panel of the widgets is also something that has undergone a makeover. ‘Raise to Wake’ is another interesting feature that has been modified, as you do not have to press the home button for a prolonged period now. Moreover, the widgets have been shifted to the extreme right side of the screen.

Improved Siri Features

Now Siri can integrate with six types of functions such as payments, workouts, booking a ride, sending messages, VOIP calling and searching photos. It can facilitate each of these functions with a single command. The introduction of the Quicktype keyboard has acted as a blessing in disguise by making it easier to predict the suggestions for apps and for the mail as well. One of the stunning features is that it can automatically detect the changes in language.

Messages With New Format

You can now send all the iMessages with animated backgrounds with latest emoticons fireworks, new bubble effects. An ‘invisible ink’ is the latest addition to give a surprising impact to the text. It remains hidden until and unless you swipe your finger over it. You can at any time click on the ‘Tap back’ feature in the form of a heart or a thumbs up. If you are a genuine Apple user, then you can understand that awesome feature of the ‘Digital Touch.’ With this awesome feature, you can draw images and send it to your close friends.

Organize Photos Effectively

The new and updated library has something interesting to offer this time. With the help of advanced facial recognition features, one can easily scan the full library of the user by detecting the location, objects and places. One interesting feature about the new iOS 10 is that it can identify seven kinds of facial expressions such as surprise, scream, suspicious and disgusting.

All these interesting updates make this latest version of iOS stand out from all its previous versions. It has opened new paths of discovery and innovation for the technology mobile giant.


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