UX Design Tips That Drive Users To Website

UX Design Tips That Drive Users To Website

Every day millions of people keep browsing the web for information. Whether it is for personal or for business needs, the web brings everything you search in one platter called ‘website’ and present it to you. Now, when a user randomly visits your web page, the first place where his or her attention goes is on the home page. It is that one place where a customer can either stay for five minutes or can even go away within five seconds. Hence, the design of a web page should be that appealing so that it keeps him glued to a page.

In technical terms, we can say that UX or user interface plays an important part in web design and development. If you want to increase the user engagement of your website and leave them awestruck with your web page, then you must follow these UX design tips, see the rise in the number of visitors, and convert them into real time customers as well.

High Colour Contrast

While browsing through various websites you might have noticed that the call-to-action words, sidebar widgets, and hyperlinks have been created with various elements. High contrast colors are used in some of them in order to divert the attention of the visitor on the website. According to normal human psychology, something, which is, in contrast, tends to get processed more easily and hence such colors are used.

Our Suggestion: Use a bright vector icon or an animated sign up button if you are making a newsletter.

Sophisticated Animation

In a static image, a subtle animation shakes up that particular area and gives an indication to the user that something is happening. When it comes to digital designing it is all about increasing the interaction of the user and that’s what an animation does exactly. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that the interface where you are using the animation should be flat.

Our Suggestion: Always use a subtle UX animation so that it should be visible at least.

Mandatory Responsive Design

A fantastic UX design doesn’t mean that it should look good only on your laptops or computers. It should equally be presentable in mobile as well, as most of the people around the world whether young or old use Tablets and Smartphones. When you are working as a designer, make sure that the user interface should equally look good.

Our Suggestion: If the website doesn’t fit properly in a mobile, you lose customers, hence responsive design is necessary.

 Easy Interaction Process

What makes a website stand apart from the rest of them is the extent of interactivity it offers to the users. Everybody is concerned about the end-result. The website should deliver what your user is searching. If the user fails to understand what your website offers, then all that efforts in making creative designs and adding elements go in vain.

Our Suggestion: Research about websites that are created in a similar domain.

Following these simple UX design techniques can help you to create a good impression of you on your client. If you are in search of a web design company that possesses expertise in UI, UX designing, then send us an email with your requirement today at sales@unifiedinfotech.net



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