Android Nouget: New Features With More Benefits

Android Nouget: New Features With More Benefits

Android has carved a niche for itself by developing applications, which suit the exact requirement of the users. The immense popularity of the app is the reason behind it being the most popular mobile operating system around the world.  Till date, the different kinds of versions that it has offered has delighted every android user around the world. No doubt, even the 7th version of the app, which is officially known by the name of Nouget is making news with it’s release.

We will take a look at the latest features that has been added to Android Nouget and the various benefits it offers to the users of android app development.

Multiple Windows

The dream of android users for running two apps simultaneously on one window will now come true. This latest version of Android enables all its users to work on two apps at the same time and also view them in the same window. Pressing the ‘overview’ button lets you launch the multi-window mode. In order to watch the two apps on one screen, move the divider to and forth.  Not only this, it also allows you to resize the window of your app as per your requirement. If allowed by the device manufacturer, the Nougat will run even in free form mode.

Check out this video from CNET and get a glimpse of the Android N features

Reply Directly

The new version reduces the hassle of replying to new messages without opening the application separately. You can now reply to all your messages in the notification bar itself. The good news is that this feature will be supported in all the messaging applications, which use Application Programming Interface (API). Now, the messages will not interrupt your mobile task anymore.

Improved Battery

It’s really an awkward situation when your mobile phone runs out of battery when you are in the middle of something. According to Google, the battery life of all the Nougat powered devices has been optimized. How is this done? Well, there are three ways through which the battery life is improved – it reduces the background activities for all the operational applications, increases the usage of low power mode even when your mobile is on, optimizes the performance of the phone in order to prevent less pressure on the memory of your smartphone.

Easier Settings

A quick settings section has been introduced by Jelly Bean which allows the user to access the most frequently used options in the phone or tablet. It also gives the option of customizing the settings on the user interface of a mobile phone. For instance: if you find that your battery is dying out fast, you can tap and see which are the apps that are responsible for eating away the battery life of your smartphone. Hence, in this way, you can prevent unnecessary drainage of power from your phone.

Hence, with so many interesting features, Android Nouget seems to be promising. Although, no official date has been announced yet, but all the Android fans around the world are eagerly waiting for its release.


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