A Guide To UI and UX In Web Design and Development

A Guide To UI and UX In Web Design and Development

For those who are planning to make an entry in the web-designing world, the concept of UI and UX is a term which they will come across numerous times. It is necessary to have a clear idea about these two terms as they will determine the extent to which they will work on the website. As the world is gearing towards advance designing options it is time to adapt oneself to the modern trends in web design and development.

Once you have acquired mastery over designing it is important to know the difference between the two. So, let’s read about them.

UI and UX- The Difference

While User Experience (UX) is all about increasing the customer satisfaction by increasing the usability or the functionality of the design thereby increasing the interaction between the user and the website. On the other hand, User Interface (UI) design is all about improving the overall appearance of the website.

In today’s world, the combination of both plays an important role.

If you want to make your design really interactive and engaging, then follow these simple rules of interactive design and you will see visitors dropping by.

Audience Specific Design: Design for your audience. It is important to be creative, but at the same time you need to know about the preferences of your target audience and what interests the, or else there is no point in designing a web page.

Usability Is The Key: There is no point in designing an app if you are not able to pique interest in the mind of users. Usability is the first and foremost criteria in making a design interactive. Hence, it is recommended that you increase the usability of the design and make it the most attractive one.

Great Feedback: It is important to know that whether the task was completed or not. You will be able to know the feedback of your users.

Use Gestures And Animations: Touch devices are characterized by touch features, animations, and swipe. Hence, it is important to keep the audience intact with the help of interactive features. Motion keeps a website live and they add more depth to the appearance of a web page layout.

Accessibility Adds To Design: The more accessible the design will be, the easier it will be for users to interact. For instance: the user interface of a mobile application should be such that it should provide adequate space for the fingers to scroll through the various functions and icons. Apple recommends maintaining 45-57 pixels.

The designing world is presently undergoing a metamorphosis. Companies today are looking for innovative approaches to web designing rather than the traditional approach. In this scenario, implementing the modern UI/UX design principles will be a welcome move.

This will ensure a more authentic representation of a web page and would be responsible for generating more revenue for a company, which is engaged in web designing.

If you are looking for complete UI/UX design services, then feel free to send us a mail at sales@unifiedinfotech.net mentioning your design requirements and we will get back to you.


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