iOS App Development: Why iOS 10 Is The Best Version Till Date ?

iOS App Development: Why iOS 10 Is The Best Version Till Date ?

iOS 10 promises more advanced widgets, a new lock screen and a 3D integration touch in its next version. With the release of the version scheduled somewhere around September, there is already a buzz created among the iPhone lovers. If you are someone who is reading this and is equally excited about the release of the next iOS version, then you will go aww over the next few paragraphs as we are going to reveal some stunning new features of iOS 10 which make it the best version that Apple has released till date.

  So, let’s start!

Get Rid Of Notifications With A Swipe: You just need a single swipe now in order to remove all the numerous notifications, which you have received. The latest version of iOS allows you to clear all notifications at one go. The ‘Clear All Notification’ tab allows you to do that. A great update in iPhone application development.

Uninstall Stock Apps: There are few applications, which you might not use at all. For instance: apps alike you might not use ‘Find my Friends’ or ‘Apple Maps,’ so why not uninstall them? Such apps can be deleted by pressing the icon for some time and then clicking on the cross symbol.

Digital Touch Comes to iMessage: If you have used Apple Watch, then you might be aware of the ‘digital touch’ feature. This wonderful feature allows you to send even sketched message to anybody using a Smartphone. iOS 10 will make this feature available for both iPhone and iPad from now onwards.

Open Two Tabs on iPad: You can simultaneously open two tabs in your iPad and do two separate activities. This feature is taking multitasking to an all-new level. The need for opening two Safari tabs side by side is one of the features, which one had been looking for, and iOS 10 has made the dreams come true.

View News In 3D: You can get the news feed of the day in 3D format without the need to open the news app. This feature also works within the activity tab along with a widget in the targets that falls outside the app.

Home In Your Control: HomeKit is becoming quite popular among people who use Apple’s products. Now, you can integrate all your home appliances with an app installed on your iPhone. Just Swipe from the bottom of the iPhone screen to the left and get quicker access.

Updated Camera Shortcut: You must have noticed that in iOS 7, the facility of jumping into the camera directly from the lock screen was something refreshing, but this time there is yet another update. You just have to swipe to the left in order to click a picture. Great update! Isn’t it.

Just like all the versions, iOS always enthralls all its users with its amazing features and eye catchy designs. The latest version won’t disappoint.

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