4 PHP Frameworks That Makes A Powerful Web Application

4 PHP Frameworks That Makes A Powerful Web Application

To make a robust web application today, it is necessary to have a stronger framework. It not only ensures better scalability and strong presence but also ensures that global standards are maintained. Organising the code in a better way allows the application to grow at a good rate. Instead of wasting the time and hard work behind creating components a PHP framework focuses more on improving the functionality and sustainability of any application.

We present to you five strongest PHP framework which will help you to make a powerful application.

Laravel: A kind of PHP application framework that comes with the easy syntax to make the process of website design and development an easier task. You do not have to do the complex process of routing, authentication and caching. Anything, which you require in order to, built a strong web application with expressive migration system and integrated unit testing support is available with Laravel. Its strength lies in the reliable code. It works wonderfully in SQL server and MySQL.

CodeIgniter: If you need a simple PHP framework with no strict coding rules, then CodeIgniter is the best option for you. Most of the developers prefer to use it is because of its speed and a rich set of libraries at its disposal. It makes use of the MVC controller approach to making a separation between logic and presentation. This becomes helpful mainly for projects where graphic designers are required to work on a particular template file.

CakePHP: This is one of the easiest ways to make less complicated codes. All you need to do is just update the database and that’s it. Authentication, Database access and validation, everything is built in the framework. This fantastic framework can handle every aspect of your application. From database table names to file names, you can keep the full application clean. In order to keep your application safe, the framework also comes loaded with SQL injection that offers the maximum security.

Symfony: In order to maintain your web application in a less complicated manner, Symphony is the ultimate choice. One of the benefits of using this kind of framework is that it has a number of prefabricated components which can be easily implemented with the application. In case you are developing a complex web application; you can take help of the full stack version. In Symphony, some of the best practices are being adopted in order to make it the best working framework.

Phalcon: It is a kind of PHP 5 framework which is used as a C extension to offer high performing web application. You do not need to learn C language in order to know about its usage. You can either use the full framework or you can also use just a part of the components. It saves a lot of processor time and improves the overall performance of an application.

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