5 Strong Reasons To Use MySQL in Web App Development

5 Strong Reasons To Use MySQL in Web App Development

The most popular database around the world is backed by maintaining cost efficiency in delivering the project, high-performance, robust web application and embedded database. It is the comprehensive set of sophisticated features and advanced data management tools, that makes MySQL manage critical business operations smoothly. Most of the big business organizations around the world starting from YouTube to Walmart, Airbnb and Uber use it in order to make the process of web app development smoother.

While there are a number of databases, which are already available around the world, it becomes confusing for a person to select the right one. We present to you six strong reasons as to why it is vital to make use of MySQL.

Strong Performance: Due to the presence of an exclusive storage architecture, database professionals can easily configure the database of MySQL for some specific applications.  Being a high-speed transactional system, this database can adapt itself with the most advanced requirements of any system. It has got some special abilities such as distinctive memory caches, enhancing mechanisms and full-text indexes which provide the developers the right weapon for the ever evolving competitive businesses today.

Secured Data: You can get the maximum protection of your data when it comes to implementing MySQL in any project. The stringent security makes sure that robust mechanisms are applied so that only authenticated users have access to the website. Moreover, it also blocks any unauthorized persons from accessing the website. Backup and recovery utilities are two other unique features that make this database the most popular among web developers.

Robust Application Development: One can find support in a number of matters such as functions, cursors, ANSI standard SQL, triggers, stored procedures and much more. Plugin libraries is even available for embedded applications where MySQL database support can be included. One can also get connectors as well as drivers which enable app developers to create strong database driven systems.

Constant Support: Companies developing open source software deny to share their professional support due to the company regulations or for any other important matter, but with MySQL, there is no bar when it comes to sharing knowledge and information related to web app development. Do you know that MySQL is supported by Oracle? And is till date the most popular open source database.

Low Ownership Cost: Database driven applications are much cost effective while MySQL comes into usage. From a company’s point of view, one can improve the performance by using database servers that are easier to maintain in terms of finance. A database administrator now doesn’t have to waste time in solving downtime issues at all.

Recently, Google has updated its Cloud SQL in order to provide easy automation services to all its users. This robust database has come a long way since its inception. It has paved the way for many complicated web applications to be developed in a more simplified manner. There is no doubt that a great future lies ahead.

We have a strong web development team which possesses  expertise in MySQL. If you are looking for MySQL developers for your next web project, then we can be of help to you. Just send us an email with your requirements at sales@unifiedinfotech.net


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