How To Make Robust Mobile Applications With AngularJS Development

How To Make Robust Mobile Applications With AngularJS Development

If you are under the impression that AngularJS is something, which finds its applicability only in making web applications, then you are wrong because this framework has now become a vital process in developing a mobile application too. A number of enterprises are adopting it in order to make user-centric mobile apps. The long and complicated process of wrong codes is reduced in angularjs development.

Not only this, the development phase of any project also doesn’t require any kind of directory structure in the short term once the angular comes into usage. From the developer’s point of view, it also becomes quite cumbersome to write long codes and in addition to that maintaining such codes.

If utilized properly, this amazing framework can fetch big results and play a vital part in developing a unique mobile application. Here, we are going to learn few practices, which can help a developer to make robust mobile applications with the help of AngularJS.

Proper Structuring: Due to the lack of knowledge about the possibilities of AngularJS, developers weren’t aware of the immense applicability of the framework. With the help of AngularJS, they can clone the repository of the application. Yeoman is another tool, which can help them if they want to create a skeleton with tools like bower and grunt. Projects that include JavaScript are the best ones where one can make use of such kind of frameworks.

Use of Dependency Injection: The dependency injection of AngularJS has the ability to create good components, resolve the dependencies and even create more components as and when required. In other words, we can say that it makes easier for the developers to write codes and on the other hand, a single component can be created in order to solve all the dependencies. Hence, a unit test of the application can be created easily and has a great coverage.

Organisation of Modules: One stunning benefit of AngularJS is that it enables developers to make applications with the help of modules. Such modules consist of the application parts and do not need any standard rules to be followed. Remember, if you are trying to create separate modules for directives, controllers, and services, it might not be an intelligent option. The reason for this is that on choosing the controller for application, the service module might be required for you. So, during a login process, dependencies are going to be co-related under a single module.

Extended HTML: It is a well-known fact that AngularJS is not something where a developer can write the code and edit the DOM. But the interesting part is that this is possible with the help of directives. For instance: developers who have worked earlier with JavaScript or Jquery and are interested in creating a DOM, AngularJS gives them the solution to make their own directives after manipulating the DOM.

We have created many unique webs and mobile applications with the help of AngularJS. So, if you are looking for a company which has an expertise in this framework, then send us an email at specifying your requirements.

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