Driving Consumer Growth With Responsive Web Design

Driving Consumer Growth With Responsive Web Design

Transforming user experience plays a key role in any website. A person accessing an online shopping website, for instance, might open a particular e-commerce page either through his smartphone, desktop or laptop. Due to the rapid emergence of the mobile and many other advance gadgets around the world, the need of flexible websites has emerged. So, keeping in pace with the emerging trends and the growing demands, responsive web design is becoming a transforming medium for most of the companies around the world.

Well, the very basic concept of responsive is to make the viewing experience seamless and equal across all devices starting from a mobile phone to a computer. Just before the emergence of this concept, testers as well as developers had to separately create websites in various formats. This itself was a very painful task as different changes related to design and code would create trouble. It was not only expensive but time-consuming as well.

What are users looking for nowadays?

Visitors view a website in a completely different manner. A survey done by Hubspot suggests that 40% of the people were ready to switch over to a different website if they weren’t able to open it on their device. Further, 60% stated that it was the designing factor that played a key role in staying on one website. But, among all of them, the most interesting part was that of the usage for mobile devices where users preferred to spend 2/3rd of their time on the mobile phone, while the rest of the 1/3rd is spent on the desktop.

Hence, keeping this in mind the developers, as well as the testers,  should focus more on enhancing the mobile experience of the users. Intelligent designing and development can really result in sophisticated mobile app development.

Difference between Responsive and Mobile App

Well, it might be confusing while it comes to deciding that which one is better – Responsive or a simple mobile app? In the market, both hybrid and native apps have got equal importance. Consumers expect to have a similar experience of both the apps with wonderful viewing experiences irrespective of a device’s size. All those entrepreneurs who want to reach out to their target audience need to understand first the taste and the preferences of their customers, for instance: the kind of devices frequently used by them. It is on that basis they can confidently decide whether to go mobile responsive or not.

Most of the people have common misconceptions about UX design. They believe that a responsive web design might not be able to reach its full potential, but this is a wrong perception as most of the people around the world are now consuming information of web through their mobile phones.

A simple responsive web design is the solution to retain clients for long-term in any kind of business. It is the best strategy to gain a competitiveness in the market.

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