Ionic: The Best Framework For Mobile App Development

Ionic: The Best Framework For Mobile App Development

When it comes to developing a hybrid app, platform support becomes an important factor. Mobile app developers were looking for a unified platform, which would support the development process of mobile applications that can be built using web applications. Hence, in 2013, Ionic came into use to ease the task of mobile app development.  It’s an open source SDK that has been created using JavaScript and HTML5. The power of such framework is such that it can easily overshadow the popularity of HTML5.

Owing to the numerous benefits that Ionic offers to an app developer, there is no doubt that today it is rising as one of the most demanded frameworks. Just take a look at the plenty of benefits of Ionic and you will come to know about it.

Zero Cost and Open Source

Developers can use mobile-optimized HTML code along with CSS components in Ionic on some selected mobile operating system. Moreover, the task of code rewriting is also reduced. Since the framework can be easily integrated with AngularJS, it helps to structure the code in such a manner, which is manageable. There is no extra cost involved in using this application and can easily increase the marketing or spread awareness about the app.

Great User Interface

There are a number of Javascript and CSS components that comes along with this framework and they cover almost all the important things, which a developer needs in order to make a mobile application such as tabs, lists, buttons etc. With simple default styles, one can either customize or add predefined classes of CSS along with the elements. Hence, when it comes to creating the best UI for your website, Ionic is the ultimate one to go for.

Best For Cross-App Development

By using standard tools and a single code, Ionic helps to develop apps, which can be opened to all types of mobile devices. In other words, we can say that it’s the perfect framework for cross-app development. With limited resources and efforts, Ionic fastens the app development process by deploying standard tools using just a single code. Imagine, the number of possibilities that one can create with Ionic if it is used in developing robust mobile apps.

Supported By AngularJS

The greatest support to Ionic is given by AngularJS, this framework enables a developer to make mobile applications with the most innovative technology in your hands. This is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that has been put to use by Google. One cannot deny the robustness that AngularJS offers to a website and now that the second version is out, it will become more powerful.

If you are somebody who is accustomed to working with AngularJS, then you will come to know about the plethora of benefits that Ionic can offer. Our experienced developers have worked with Ionic and used in making many innovative mobile applications. So, if you are looking forward to creating a robust web app, then you can send us an email at


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