How WordPress 4.6 Elevates the User Experience in Web Development

How WordPress 4.6 Elevates the User Experience in Web Development

The Pepper is here or as we can say the latest version of WordPress is out. This comes just four months after the release of their last update. The interesting feature of this version is that it can be accessed in 52 languages. If you are planning to update your website with this latest version, then it is important to know about its latest features.

Through this blog, you will come to know about the various new features. Experience the best in web app development with WordPress 4.6 and upgrade your website today.

Easy updates: In the previous versions of WordPress, any updates used to appear at different screens. In the latest version, the window doesn’t change. All you have to do is just proceed to the update button and that’s it. All this is done with the help of Ajax in order to make the user experience smoother. The updates not only happen with plugins but also with plugin updates.

New Fonts: Finally you can escape from using the same Open Sans font in WordPress. The latest version supports allows you to use native system fonts in the admin area. The benefit is that as an application, WordPress performs much faster. This is mainly done in order to make the admin interface look the same across multiple platforms. However, one cannot change this in the admin area and doesn’t effect the post editor section.


Modifications in Editor: Any broken links in the website will now be highlighted in the visual editor. The user might unknowingly update a post and put a broken link. The latest version of WordPress identifies any such link by marking the anchor text and the link URL red. You can view this in the Visual Editor as the poorly formatted links will be highlighted.

Advanced Auto Save: The auto save feature in the post editor now has updated itself. The disaster recovery option is now more secured. In the previous versions, when one used to disable the revision, the restoring drafts on the browser were affected due to cache. Now you can easily restore all your posts by auto saving them and keeping backups of the same.

Attractive Import Screen: Now you can easily import any kind of content either from Tumblr or Blogger with the help of importer plugins. To do this, go to Tools and then click the ‘Import’ page. The provision of installing importer plug ins is also available at the background. Now, you do not require to install a separate plugin for importing content and no time will be wasted in loading a page.

Further improvements in the future …

Many improvements lie ahead for WordPress. For instance: resource hints, improved meta registration, persistent comment cache are some of the improvements which are expected to come. The array of benefits, which this new version is offering, will certainly play a vital role in the field of web app development.

We have experienced WordPress developers who are equipped in working with various versions of the software. If you have a website, which you want to develop on a similar platform, then send us an email with your requirement at


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