Android App Development: Nougat Comes With More Features

Android App Development: Nougat Comes With More Features

Marshmallow, the last update of Android had numerous changes and wonderful features introduced for the first time. This year, it has rolled out the Nougat with number of changes. For all android lovers, Nougat comes as an ultimate replacement for all those who are looking for a new mobile operating system. Currently, there are 1.4 billion android users around the world with a global market share of 53.3%. In any android app development company, it is necessary for the developers to get habituated with the latest updates in the industry.

Hence, we are presenting to you with all the latest updates of Nougat.

Longer Battery Life

Longer Battery Life

The concept of improving the battery life came to the picture with Marshmallow. Your device would utilize less power whenever your screen was in unlock mode for a long time. Well, one problem was that your device had to be stationary in order to utilize the ‘Doze mode,’ but with Nougat, you can now activate the doze mode as soon as the screen is unlocked. The feature will come embedded in Nougat itself, hence, you do not need to enable an app every time.

New Notifications

Notification comes in a new format. From now onwards, users are going to receive full page and wider notifications thus reducing the space between notifications. Either tap on the notifications or reply directly from them. Apps like messenger and hangouts are more effective I managing notifications especially if you are using Android Nougat.

Split Screen Is Here

Split Screen Is Here

Use multiple apps in a single screen, this is now possible with the latest version of Android. To do this, open any app which you want to use then hold on the square button. The hassle of flipping between two apps simultaneously now comes to an end. You can now view two applications in one screen and carry on your tasks, hassle free.

Secured Encrypted Files

In all the previous versions of Android, encryption was done with full disk encryption. You device used to get encrypted in the form of a device. But now, every file will get encrypted individually in order to make it a strict operating system. This is done in order to use a unique key so that all the information remains safe and secure and it can be decrypted only by a single person.

New Settings Menu

Once you install Android Nouget, you will find the settings icon at the extreme right hand side corner of your phone. You can adjust any settings of your phone whether it is the theme or color easily with this. One interesting thing is that you can also view the notifications at the top right hand corner in the form of small notifications.

Marshmallow had brought a major change in the android world with robust features and if you are somebody who liked this, then Android Nougat is definitely going to enthrall you. We are an android app development company having expertise in making app for various sectors. If you have a business proposal for developing an android app, then we’re interested in it. Just send us an email at and we will get back to you.


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