iPhone App Development: 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With iOS 10

iPhone App Development: 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With iOS 10

iPhone lovers have reasons to rejoice because the latest version is here and one couldn’t stop getting excited more. It’s not about the features that have sent ripples of excitement among the iPhone geeks rather it’s the amazing things that have been made possible by the developers this time. This rapid iPhone app development will certainly take the status of Apple as a company to a completely different level and raise your level your excitement.
We will disclose here about the amazing things that have been made possible this time by Apple in iOS 10. Take a look and know that how much worth it is to install the latest version which will transform your gadget into a more advanced version.
So, here we go.
Notifications At Fingertips
No need to unlock your iPhone anymore or scroll through the notifications. Just pick it up and view your latest feeds. With the ‘raise to wake’ feature, your lock screen appears providing you with all the latest updates that you have been missing all the time while you were away from your phone. This feature was not previously available either on iPhone 6 or iPhone6S, it’s the latest that has been introduced in IOS 10.
Turn Your Phone Into Magnifying Glass
The latest feature that has been introduced in the latest version of IOS is the ability to magnify objects and make them the closest. To use this feature, go to settings, general, accessibility and magnifier. After enabling the magnifying feature, click the home button for three times and the magnifier will be activated. The camera app is just the most powerful one than the camera.
Use Siri To Find Photos
If you do not remember where did you keep that snap of yours on the phone, then stop worrying? Siri will help you to find or retrieve your picture. Just simply say, ‘Show me photos from (mention the date)’ and you will get those photos. What’s more interesting is that you can also use this feature in order to find photos of yesterday and a week before that. This way you can easily organize all your pictures.

iPhone App Development
Find Your Apple Watch
If you have the Apple Watch with yourself and have misplaced somewhere either below the pillow or in the cupboard, then your iOS 10 will help you to find the Watch easily. It can make the watch play a number of sounds, which will make it easier for you to find your watch. It is important to keep in mind here that your watch must be connected to the internet.
Get A Quick Mail Update
A mail icon tap will now be shown in the extreme top left-hand side corner of the screen now. You will get a list of unread messages anytime and at anywhere. Once you click on the icon, you can get the latest email updates on the ‘everything’ view mode.
There is a host of other interesting updates that has been included in the latest iOS version. You will only come to know about this once you update your latest iPhone handset with iOS 10.
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