Web Design And Development: How UX Design Drive Users To Website

Web Design And Development: How UX Design Drive Users To Website

Believe it or not! Making users stay on your website is not an easy cup of tea unless you know the tricks of the trade. Designers spend hours thinking about the designing pattern before they finally start to work. Creating compelling designs today in this era of digital technology requires extensive research and most importantly the ability to see a website from a user’s perspective. For better website design and development, UX design is something that has always been on a designer’s radar.

This blog is aimed to let you know the customer’s expectations from a well-designed website and which are the points that matter the most from a user’s point of view if he or she is looking at a web page. We are sharing with you some of the most innovative UX design tips and tricks which will drive more visitors to your website.

Get Rid Of A Cluttered Interface

The easiest way to gain the attention of the readers is by maintaining a clutter free website. Proper balance between the visual elements and text is the key. Keep ample white space to enable users to find their desired information. For instance: if you are designing an online music player and want to design the download button, then users should find it easily.

Take The Advantage Of Story Telling

Use parallax scrolling while designing a web page. Drive the users through your web page as if you are representing a story to them. The navigation through the website should become simple and it should lead the user to his or her desired place. You can also look for inspiration on the web.

Web Design And Development

Use Card Based Design

To present information, in the best way, card-based design is just the perfect one. This is a very useful design solutions especially of you are making a design for a mobile phone. In a card board design, the information is presented one after the other. Just as you flip a card and read the information, in the same way, in a card-based design, users can look for their desired information one after the other.

Avoid Using Stock Photos

Though there are no legal bindings on using stock photos, but the problem arises at that point of time when similar images are used elsewhere. Instead, hire a professional photographer, click professional pictures and then use them on your website. Use original images will increase the credibility of your website.

Use HTML Instead Of Flash

There is an array of benefits, which you can avail once you replace Flash with HTML. From making text inputs in various fields to creating canvas element to enable animations, HTML 5 thus helps to keep your customers engaged on your website. You can also get support for video as well as audio.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you will definitely be able to pique the interests of the visitors and make them visit the website again and again.


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