Is Mobile App Development Possible Without Coding?

Is Mobile App Development Possible Without Coding?

This might seem to be a farce in mobile app development, but developing a mobile app without coding is simply impossible in a developer’s word. It is the basis for developing any application irrespective of web or mobile. Today, no corporate enterprise has the time to invest behind a long mobile app development process. In fact, they look for solutions that are more viable which can help them to develop the best app within less time.

Gone are the days when the enterprises has to invest behind the expertise and maintenance of developing an application. Times have changed. With the emergence of advanced technologies, it is even possible today to develop a mobile app without coding.

Zero Coding  

To many people, the term ‘zero coding app development’ might be an alien, but this new form of technology is like a pearl in the midst of an ocean for developers. You don’t need to know software skills or be accustomed with cloud based technologies at all. Zero code goes beyond the low code platforms and are especially becoming popular for offering business process management solutions.

You can avail the following benefits once you start with zero code app development.

Create customized applications to meet your business requirements.

Leverage the libraries to make a great user interface.

The zero code interface enables allows the ‘click not’ alternative.

Allow developers to design an enterprise app without investing behind app development.

3 Tools That Help To Develop App Without Coding

No need to have a technical knowledge of coding, you can create a mobile app with these tools. Just take a look at them.

Alpha Anywhere: Give the native look and feel to your app with this tool. This data base oriented tool enables you to make offline hybrid and web applications. The specialty of this tool is that it allows the developers to use SQL dialects for each database. The tool has added many special features like mobile optimized forms and mobile file access system to facilitate mobile app development.

App Press: It is specially made for developing android and iOS based mobile applications. The interface of the tool is similar to Photoshop. It is supported with a cloud-based service from Amazon. The unique point of the app lies in assembling the screens with visual assets. If you are planning to launch an app within a short deadline, then this is the best tool to use. As the name suggests, it’s an online toll which is used for creating both mobile as well as web applications. Whether it is about creating new forms or duplicating the existing paper forms or setting up process specific workflow, everything can be done with help of this amazing tool. Moreover, one can also capture the digital signature and make the auto fill form easily.

Zero code app development or making a mobile app without coding is a great change in the technological arena. For big data organizations who believe in low coding principle, zero coding comes as an amicable solution. On the other hand, smaller IT organizations and start ups will find zero coding an easy way for the ultimate mobile app development.

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