UI Design Principles To Be Kept In Mind For Mobile App Development

UI Design Principles To Be Kept In Mind For Mobile App Development

The abundant of apps available in the play stores today have made it a challenging task for both the developers as well as designers to create an app which is not only user-friendly but at the same time catches the attention of the users. Well, at the end of the day, it’s the number of downloads that matters the most for a mobile app development company which is engaged in developing applications.

On the other hand, designing forms a formidable part also. The interface is the first thing, which a user comes across when he or she uses a mobile phone for the first time. Without an attractive UI, the whole purpose of developing mobile applications goes in vain. Development and Design go hand in hand for a successful app. So, we are going to share with you the important UI design principles which are to be kept in mind.

Principle 1: Consider Mobile UI Factors

The UI factors of an app can be categorized into three types – Mobile and network, back end and within the app. In the mobile and networking category, operating system, hardware features are necessary. On the back end part, it is necessary to have APIs and databases intact. Similarly, within the app, make sure that the content, graphics, features, interaction and navigation form an important part. User interface plays an important role in developing an app.

Principle 2: Design According To Industry Trends

Any app is developed keeping in mind about the client’s requirements and the latest trends, which are prevailing in the industry. It has to be designed and developed in such a way that it is in perfect sync with the requirements of the clients. Remember, the competition in the mobile app industry is very tough, hence it is important to create something which is entirely different.

Principle 3: It Should Promote The Brand

The ultimate purpose of making an app is to allow the business to evolve more as a brand. A user-oriented designed app is something which always attracts the attention. The interface should be designed in such a way that it serves the purpose of the user. If you fail to tell the brand story with a design, then you are missing out on the marketing front. It is mandatory to tell the brand story through an impressive UI design.

Principle 4: Avoid Clutter Free Designs

Try and maintain a clutterless design. Users hate to see so many items placed together on one page. Include only those elements or functionalities that are mandatory. Consult with the development team and come out with the most interesting layouts for your web page. Users always look for something different in a website. The design team must be in consultation with the app development team to prepare design layouts and serves the purpose of the website.

Principle 5: Follow The Layered Principle

Well, this means that you must have a layered design for your app. This is one of the single most factors that excite a user. The more the users interact with the app, the easier it will become for them to explore the functionality of the mobile application.

Keep these UI design principle in mind and you will witness the benefits. Interested in discussing web design projects? Send us an email at contacts@unifiedinfotech.net


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