Ecommerce Web Development: Maximize Your Revenue With These Diwali Tips

Ecommerce Web Development: Maximize Your Revenue With These Diwali Tips

The festival of light brings cheers on everybody’s face, as gleaming lights and vibrant dresses enlighten the spirit of Diwali. Decorations form the most fundamental part; they bring out the essence of the festival to celebrate it in the most vivacious manner. Shopping constitutes an important part during this part of the year. Online shopping being the most convenient one forms a vital part of the process. In other words, ecommerce web development develops the basis for festival shopping.

As e-sellers, convincing the potential customers during the festival season is the ultimate weapon for more revenue generation.  With less than five days left for the grand festival, everybody is gearing up for the last minute preparations. We present to you some amazing Diwali tips to maximize revenue.

Give Them A Diwali Greeting

As soon as visitors come to your website, greet them with a Diwali welcome message. This can be a few seconds animation or a GIF. You can use them in the landing page of the website or else can include it in the blog. Take help of the plugins and extensions if you really want to make it special for your visitors. Such extensions enable you to make customized greetings.

Stock The Popular Products

Diwali is all about deals, discounts and interesting offers. Expect a huge sales volume during this part of the year. Do not go in a ‘out of stock’ situation as it will be an embarrassing issue for you and a disappointing experience for the customers. The most popular products should have full inventory. Moreover, take care of the shipping procedure. In the festive season customers expect a faster delivery, hence you have to take care of it.

Add a ‘Countdown’ Feature

One cab add this in the landing page itself to pique curiosity in the customer’s mind and to make the wait unending. A variety of countdown plugins is available such as offer countdown times, simple countdown timer and many more. Add a festival touch to the timer to raise the engagement level of the customers.

Include New Products As Well

No one knows the consumer behavior. The great discount offers might compel the customers to buy something which might not be the usual Diwali purchasing item. Hence, you must keep a good stock of all the new products, which you are launching for the first time. Shoppers especially youngsters are always eager to experiment. On the other hand, keep in mind that any new product might not become much appealing to the customers and as a result they might not buy. Hence, be ready to feel the heat of the losses as well.

Diwali is the most vibrant festival in India. It echoes the power of friendship and togetherness. Online shopping offers the maximum chance to people to celebrate the festival. For online retailers, this is a wonderful opportunity to increase their sales. All the above-mentioned tips will help you earn maximum profits this festive season.

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