How Android App Development Facilitates Android Pay?

How Android App Development Facilitates Android Pay?

Apart from tapping the mobile space, Android is now venturing in the payment thus facilitating the transactional process. The system is known as ‘Android Pay,’ was launched last year, but very few know about its applicability in android app development in USA and how it facilitates the payment process for most of the customers all around the world.

We will let you know about the overall process of Android Pay, starting from the basics to its applicability in the real world for the everyday transaction.

Android Pay – What’s it all about?

Store all your debit cards, credit cards and any other information at one place called ‘Android Pay.’ Sounds similar to Google Wallet?, but this one comes with more advanced features and greater security (that’s what most of the customers look for around the world)

How does it work?

As far as the set up is concerned, it’s not a matter of concern at all. It is readily available on the Google Store. All the countries which support Android Pay can download it anytime and start using it. Add a debit card or a credit card in the app to make seamless transactions.

One of the important questions that arise in one’s mind before starting to use the Android Pay is that “where can I use the card?” Well, according to Google, Android Pay works in millions of stores starting from MacD to Game store. It is one of the most secure things which you can trust while doing online transactions.

A secured transaction process

It has collaborated with all the major financial networks and payment networks to deliver error free transaction process to the users. When you start using it, the retailer or the person to whom you send the money receives a 16 digit virtual number. This is safe as he or she does not get information about your account number. Remember that there is a system of tokenization, which exists here. This is different from Apple Pay’s token system. In this case, can access tokens on your device thus allowing you to make payment for your good?

Android Pay runs on all kinds of devices whose versions are either kitkat4.4 or above that.

As a user, you will always stay on the positive side. You can use it with all your favorite merchants in order to have a seamless transaction process. It can even be integrated with any kind of payment reward system. As a part of the android app development process, this process has taken development to a totally different level thus diverting the attention from an app oriented system to a hassle free payment system.

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