AngularJS Mistakes To Avoid From The Best Web Development Company

AngularJS Mistakes To Avoid From The Best Web Development Company

Making single page web application is one of the most complicated things, which developers encounter while making a web application. In order to make it, the most enviable app, it is necessary to use such a framework, which would reduce the development process time for the best web development company in USA. Using a traditional programming language like JavaScript was a solution during the early development days of web app development.

In the later years, there was a shift from server side language to client side language. If you are a designer who is planning to improve his coding skills or a developer, who want to increase his or her development skills, AngularJS comes as a formidable solution. However, as a developer, there are several mistakes, which one might commit. We will reveal about the various mistakes, which you might make as an angularjs developer.

Decoupling The MVC Design 

The AngularJS framework is basically based on the MVC design structure. This is a common structure for all the frameworks and languages, which is applicable in all kinds of web application. The MVC  model consists of data. This is the front end design which can be accessed by the user. Most of the developer commit the mistake of including the scope in a view. Doing this, violates the rule to decouple the elements.

Countless Watchers

Most of the developers don’t know that there is a concept of ‘watchers’ that exist in angularjs development. They keep track of components. As a result, it continuously checks the objects and their current state. Performance won’t be impacted if you have any one among them with you. Incase, the number increases to more than one, then it poses as a problem. It slows down the speed of the browser.

Not doing Proper Fragmentation

A PHP who moves to MVC framework will first face some issues with this. Once he starts working with it, there is a need for controller view. It is the logic layer, which helps you to create good compartments in the entire mobile application. One of the most common mistakes which developers make is that they put too much logic under one controller. Code organization remains one of the complicated tasks for developers.

Relying Too Much on JQuery

Developers rely too much on JQuery for making AngularJS based applications, which is perfectly fine. However, you shouldn’t use it as it creates a lot of memory problems. In the first instance, web developers will find it difficult to adjust with. However, any changes made in the application can be seen in Angular. Always remember, that you must use jQuery only when required. Using too much of it will disturb the framework.

Developing a web application with AngularJS will never prove to be useful if you are do not adjust the framework in the appropriate way. These mistakes will help you to perk up your development skills in angularjs.

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