5 Cross Platform Tools For The Best Android App Development in USA

5 Cross Platform Tools For The Best Android App Development in USA

As we’re moving ahead towards another year, we’re entering towards a different era in technology. From what we have witnessed all these years in terms of android app development in USA might become obsolete in the coming years. The demand is increasing today with the rise in the needs of users around the world. People are expecting a completely different kind of technological change to be it in terms of mobile or web.

With the growing popularity of multiple devices around the world and the urge to run applications seamlessly in any kind of devices irrespective of the operating systems, cross-platform development is something, which a developer looks forward. We present to you some of the most useful crosses platform android app development tools which will give the best results.


Plus point: Develop mobile apps in HTML5

Sencha comes with ExtJS5. Developing applications with this tool proves to be fruitful for the developers. The tool works across multiple operating systems as well as platforms. Developers rely on it due to a number of pre-built components and the time it saves while writing a programming code. You can use in developing an application in HTML5 in both iOS and Android platforms.


Plus Point: Convert codes from JavaScript, CSS and HTML5

The strongest point of PhoneGap is that they have their own SDKs for various platforms starting from iOS to Android and Windows. So, as a developer, you do not have to worry about the various platforms. Once you develop the application, you can even share it with various persons in order to see whether you need any improvement or not.


Plus Point:  Can create apps on various platforms with one code

Appcelerator uses JavaScript, to make mobile applications across all platforms. In fact, developers can use almost 90% of the code, to make all kinds of applications. Moreover, being an open source tool, one can also get a lot of technical knowledge and support from the vast number of members.

Unity 3D

Plus Point: Perfect choice for making a game app

Want to develop a game based mobile application? Then Unity3d is the ultimate one on which you can rely. This unique cross-platform for app development is simply not about development, in fact, you can export the game app to various platforms such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. The icing on the cake is that you can choose the platform and share it in various stores and keep an eye on the analytics as well.


Plus Point: Develop across five platforms

Quite similar to the previous one, Cocos2d is also similar to the previous one, Unity3d. Developers can choose from various programming languages such as Xcode, Python, Objective-C, C#, X-Code, and JavaScript. One can use this application for two-dimensional app development process.

These five cross platforms for android app development gives you the perfect boost as far as developing an android app is concerned. As an expert provider of android apps, we work with the latest APIs to give you a flawless application. We are here to offer you the best android application with the finest performance. Just send us an email to contacts@unifiedinfotech.net


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