Android App Development: How APK facilitates in Developing An App

Android App Development: How APK facilitates in Developing An App

The introduction of Android 7.0 had brought along with it many features much to the muse of its users as well as developers. However, many of us in the app industry were still under the curtains when it came to understanding some new features. One of those features was the APK signature scheme v2. The introduction of such a strong signature has changed the process of how an APK work with an Android Gradle plugin. As far as android app development in USA is concerned, it has facilitated the app development phase.

What’s new in APK?

There are an ample number of ways by which APK facilitates the process of android app development. For instance: the cryptographic signature is primarily used to verify the integrity, which is located within the ZIP central directory. On the other hand, the signature is computed along with the binary content of the APK. Both V1 and V2 signatures can be maintained by with all the Android releases. All the new signatures take a longer time to verify the APKs, However, there  is nothing much to worry about it.

Managing APK files 

When it comes to managing the APK files, more flexibility is offered to the developer in terms of ease and flexibility. The benefit of using such files is that you can even use it on the Smartphone and still use those apps that are not available in the play store till now. Now, take a look at some of the tools which allow you to effectively manage the APK files.

APK File Manager: This helps you to collect all the required APKs which are currently present in your system. All the APKs are collected first and are then sent to a folder. One can access all the files from here. The benefit is that as a developer you can get hold of any duplicate APKs. If you find it too difficult to manage these files you can take help of Dropbox.

APK Downloader: Getting APK files are not at all challenging as most of them involve downloading it directly from the threads of the developer or from a community. To start using the APK downloader, all you need to do is enter the package name, the download link of the package.

AppWererabbit: If you are looking for an all in one APK file, then nothing is better than AppWererabbit. You can take a backup, import and export all the toolsets within few minutes. Its attractive designs and easy to use functionality make it just the perfect tool to manage the APIs in the most efficient manner.

Before you start using APKs, you must keep two important things in mind – they are not used as a tool to download paid apps and they can only download free apps. As an android app development company in USA, we deliver android apps with advanced functionalities. We have the latest APIs and SDKs with us to give you the best android application. Let us know your app requirements by sending us an email at


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