Ecommerce Web Development: Are you Cyber Ready for Cyber Monday?

Ecommerce Web Development: Are you Cyber Ready for Cyber Monday?

Last year, on the eve of Cyber Monday about 23 million items were ordered from Amazon, according to a CNBC report. It was indeed the biggest year in terms of revenue generation for online retailers. The sales saw a 40% increase as compared to previous year. With ecommerce web development now being the most demanding thing at this time of the year, retailers are utilizing all their resources to earn more. As a seller, you will always be on the bright side as this is one opportunity, which you would not like to miss at all.

ecommerce web development

Consumer Behavior On Cyber Monday

As a businessman, you need to understand the buying behavior of your customer. What things make them interested? Which deals do they like the most? How would they like to be approached? If you have the answers to these questions, then your website is just few days away from the achieving the biggest sales of the year. So, there are four important things to keep in mind basically for nailing the Cyber Monday sales – Free shipping, Reminding the customers, free shipping, driving conversions. Customers return to the website once you start sending them email, free shipping is another thing, which they eagerly wait for as they don’t want to spend anything extra.

Tips To Increase Sales

Give A Deadline

Maintain a deadline for your best deals of the day. People will search endlessly and look for attractive deals all over the internet. If you have something special to offer, then keep a deadline to that offer. This will make them come to the website again and again. You can also go for an early bird discount to make sure that maximum people visit to your website. Another interesting strategy is to set limit for a special offer for only a group of people. With this, people will also recommend the deals to their friends and relatives.

Spend a Little Extra

Shelling out a few dollars in return of many dollars is not a bad idea. Go for a pay per click program after spending some money. This will help to increase your brand value and promote your product. Go for promotions on daily deals. Social media is the best way to do that. Go for a Facebook campaign in order to ensure maximum visibility for your customers. Other options are e-mailers, newsletters and flyers.

Stop Waiting Till Monday

Start as early as possible. Do not limit yourself till Monday as it will be too late for the people to know about your deals. No one searches especially for ‘Cyber Monday Deals.’ Most of the people look for the best deals of the holiday season. Hence, it would be wrong on the part of the retailer to categorize as a Cyber Monday Seller. The reality is that nobody waits till a specific day to avail the discounts on the latest products and services.

Get Ready To Meet Heavy Demands

Be in charge to take care of the excess demands from your customers. Don’t disappoint the shopaholics by running ‘out of stock.’ If new customers are happy after purchasing from you on Cyber Monday, then they are the ones who will again come back to your website throughout the year.

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