Simplifying iOS Application Development Process With Swift

Simplifying iOS Application Development Process With Swift

Programming is an integral part for any mobile operating system to improve the performance of the app. It is the fundamental step to create a response from an app with the humans. Since the advent of iOS application development, there was only Objective – C. However, to simplify the development process, an easier language, Swift was developed. This language became so popular that it became the most preferred language for well-known companies such as LinkedIn and Yahoo Weather.

The rise in the demand of the language was backed with a number of strong reasons from the programming reasons. Swift scores over Objective-C as there are a number of benefits that come along with it. Let us study the various benefits of Swift, which scores over any other programming language.

Easy To Learn

All the modern languages used in programming rests heavily on two languages – Ruby and Python. To make the language a bit easier, the syntax and readability have been simplified. It is almost similar to English. After notifying some of the most common problems with Objective – C, Apple came up with such a programming language, which would make it simpler for the beginners to make use of the language.

Simple Coding

Swift reduces the task of writing complicated codes to a considerable extent. A programming language termed Lyft was previously used before Swift came to use. In order to offer a solution to the problem, Swift was developed. As a result, the code becomes compact. No compromise is done while migrating from one place to another. That’s why the most updated app from Apple comes loaded with advanced features.

Faster Performance

Unlike Objective – C, which was a dynamically typed programming, Swift is a static programming language. It is also regarded as the most dynamic language of Apple till date. With faster algorithm calculation ability and fast performing processor, it is often opted by most of the iOS developer for developing a robust applications.

Least Errors

With Swift ,you can look for errors even it is applied in the code for developing an app. You can define the functions and quite precisely here. As a result, there is very less room for errors. Even complicated codes are executed seamlessly without any issues. Testers have to spend less time for QA testing. So, the next time you come across an iOS application you know which language to use.

Big Community Support

You can get a variety of support from the huge community of developers already present online. In fact, you will not only get support from the iOS, but from all other developers as well. It is one of the most popular communities around the world. The Swift community in particular has more than 4000 community members and the numbers are on the rise.

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