As a Website Redesign Company Don’t Make These Five Mistakes

As a Website Redesign Company Don’t Make These Five Mistakes

The holiday season is at its peak right now with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday being on the shopaholics list. With Christmas approaching nearer, online retailers are appointing designers to give their store that desired look which most of the people are looking for. They are even taking the assistance of a website redesign company to give a more professional look to their website. However, some mistakes, which one commits and that might result in a blunder.

So, we bring to you five mistakes which you might commit while redesigning a web page.WWW

Focusing Less On Functionality

Most of the time, designers focus more on the aesthetics of the website, rather than focusing on it’s functionality. Well, more than improving the appearance of the website, what matters mostly in a redesign is how easily can the visitors scroll through the website. Make sure that the website is easy to navigate and the layouts are simple as well. Once you have launched the website, monitor whether the redesign has brought any significant changes or not. There is never a good chance to make changes on a website rather than redesigning it.

Not Analyzing Website

Know about the results you want to achieve with website redesign. You can understand it while auditing the website along with analytics and KPIs. These things are necessary to understand when you are assigned with the task of analyzing the structure of a website. Whoever redesigns your website should be aware about the changes, which are to be made.

Keeping A Small Budget

To get the best, you have to spend a bit. Going with the small budget plan as you did few years ago won’t suffice. You certainly need double or triple the amount. Don’t restrain yourself from keeping a great budget because you never know what will be the ultimate costing. Previously, brochures were enough to spread the word about marketing your business, but today it is completely different. Customized functionality is the primary thing, which is required.

Not Listening To Clients

You cannot ignore your clients at all during the redesigning process. It is extremely important to understand what the clients want in the first place. Communicate with them regularly about any latest changes which you have done in creating the design of your website. Let them give their inputs as well. Ultimately, it’s the clients who are going to pay you for your efforts.

Not Giving Importance To Responsive

Just as you cannot ignore clients, in the same way you cannot ignore responsive design too. Today, more than 80% of the population access internet with their Smartphones rather than desktops or laptops. Even as a designer you have to keep this in mind while redesigning a website. Moreover, the Google algorithm updates have made it mandatory for the websites to have a responsive version as well.

Once you are aware of these mistakes, you can take the required steps to overcome them. As a website redesign company, we have executed various redesign projects with great ease. If you have any similar requirements that deals in redesign, then just send us an email today at


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