Best Content Migration Practices In CMS Website Development

Best Content Migration Practices In CMS Website Development

It might be as easy as the term ‘Migration,’ but that’s not something which can be dine in a day. Migrating the content from one platform to the other requires is based on proper planning. It constitutes transferring everything from front end and back end as well. In other words, CMS website development should be rational to ensure that no sensitive data or files are affected due to mishandling of content.

One should adopt a strategy, which would be convenient and at the same time cause less hassle to the management. We suggest four crucial strategies that will not only fasten the process of migrating content from one platform to the other, rather, it will help you to upgrade to a safer content management platform.

Let’s see them…

Keep An Account

The first thing to do once you have decided to migrate the platform of content management is have an account of everything you have with yourself. This includes the content, data or any other sensitive document of the company. Take the help of an IT consultant to get the best feedback on how to manage it. Meta data and hyperlinks should be stored safely at one place to avoid any loss of data.

Create A Plan

Once you have an account of all the content of your website, create a strategy keeping in mind about the things, which you can include and exclude in the migration process. It must include the various kinds of data cleaning. For instance: if you want to do coding, the task of migrating the data from the front end will become immensely easier for you. Don’t forget to create correlations between content.

Test The Process

If you don’t test the migration process, then everything will go in vain. For this, you need to do a thorough analysis of the content once the migration is over. If you have left behind any major data in the previous platform, then you can immediately transfer it to the latest platform. Test all the properties and the migration will become much easier. Pick any document, which has the same characteristics with the other. Now, you can determine whether it works or not.

Check Metadata

Maintain a great tagging process for your website. It is a very important part in migrating content from one platform to the other. Always keep a spreadsheet, that will help you to track the various sections of the website and view the tags and metadata in various categories. The purpose of doing this is to make your content easy to sort out both at the front and back end as well.

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