iOS Application Development: Instant Solutions To Fix iOS 10 Problems

iOS Application Development: Instant Solutions To Fix iOS 10 Problems

If you are miffed after installing the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then you are not the only one who is facing this problem. There are many iOS gadget users around the world like you, who are facing it. Whether the problem lies in iOS application development or it has some other problems, you might know about it, but we are here to offer you instant and quick solutions to the problems.

Overcoming these problems will help you to find out your weak spots and subsequently help you to rectify your mistakes. So, without wasting much time, let’s look at the solutions.

Fixing Installation Problem

Problem: Suddenly, you might experience that the download process has got stuck in the middle of somewhere during the installation time. Many users have faced this issue whenever updating their OS.

Solution: Hold down the home and power button to so a reset. Your iOS device will switch off within 10 seconds. As it restarts, you should be able to continue the installation or the download process.

Fixing Bluetooth Problem

Problem: There are many iOS 10 users who are reportedly complaining about Bluetooth problem of the device. In fact, it is one of the most common problems. Though the problem is a complicated one, but it is solved very easily.

Solution: Go to Settings, then Bluetooth and choose the connection using the ‘I’ tab. Now click on the ‘Forget this device.’ Now, try to reconnect. Still not connected? Go to settings and reset the network settings. Now you will be able to reconnect.

Fixing Battery Life Problem

Problem: Even after updating the OS, some users are even experiencing battery problem, which is quite strange. If you are the one, who has downloaded the updates just a few days ago, then wait for a few days more.

Solution: In case you notice that your battery is draining abnormally, then it is recommended that uninstall all those apps, which you rarely use, reduce the brightness level of your phone, keep your device on the airplane mode and disable the iCloud keychain. If nothing works, then downgrade your phone to one version below.

Fixing Wi-Fi Problems

Problem: This is yet another problem, which is commonly faced by people who are using iOS 10 in their devices. However, it is better to check the router settings first or the modem situation. This problem is something, which can be overcome easily.

Solution: Unplug the router for a minute. Check for any firmware update. Most of the routers automatically upgrade to it, however, you have to keep in mind that routers might be different from one another; hence, it is important that you check them twice.

Fixing Touch ID Problems

Problem: There is absolutely nothing to worry if your TouchID is not working properly. There are solutions for the fingerprints that are available with iOS 10. Touch screen issues are not something, which cannot be overcome; rather there are simple solutions to it.

Solution: Get rid of dirt and sweat on the touch screen of your phone. Make sure that oil is completely removed from the hand. Once done, go to settings, then choose touch id and pass code and insert your pass code. Now, re-enter your fingerprint.

As an iOS application development company, we offer all probable solutions related to developing a mobile application. Just send us an email at and we will get back to you.


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