Website Design Company: UX Design Trends To Follow In 2017

So where does user experience go from here? As 2016, is about to end, the inquisitive mind of a designer might wander about the upcoming trends that are going to rule next year. As a website design company, there are an ample number of things, which one should keep in mind when it comes to delivering the best design to the clients. We bring to you some of the latest UX design trends which will help you to raise the user experience.

Failure Mapping To Arise

Journey mapping or in other words failure mapping is a strategic tool for setting the framework of the user. While making the designs, you can design perfectly just for the ideal user. As most of the population will go mobile by 2017, even more and more population will gradually shift to use a mobile phone, for instance the elderly population. UX will help designers to effectively understand and implement the design changes to suit to their needs.

New Micro Mini Interactions

The access of any social media platform opens plenty of interactions. These are small and plenty in nature. These are known as micro mini interactions. So, whenever we open either Twitter or Facebook we get many micro mini interactions. These are the fastest way to establish communication with the target customers. In 2017, designing few features, which are based on micro mini interaction, will definitely lead the way for consumers.

Unique Weather Apps Design

Weather updates are an integral part of the designing process. It is the most frequent apps used by the users around the world. The more interactive the design, the easier it will be for the user to locate the design. App developers have become more cautious when it comes to deigning an app with special focus on enhancing the user experience. Even designers are going a step ahead to design in the best possible manner. With up to date climate information, designers will give a completely new look to such apps.

DiLinearity To Become A Rage

Until 2016, it was navigation menus that was in use. Interaction along a linear path, but now simplification has come to usage. Uber is the perfect example for this. There are various designing functionalities of this app such as ‘Pay driver,’ ‘Rate driver’ and many more. Poor design is another thing responsible for it. In 2017, de-linearity will be the primary designing thing.

Staying updated to these UX design trends will keep you abreast with the latest happenings. You can confidently design websites, which will not only drive more traffic, rather it will create an great impression even on the customers who are visiting to your website for the first time.

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