Custom Website Development: How PHP 7 Makes Web Development An Easy Process

Custom Website Development: How PHP 7 Makes Web Development An Easy Process

Running a website on traditional PHP frameworks and on Drupal, Magento or WordPress is a cliché now-a-days. As we are proceeding towards 2017, it is time to upgrade the technology with which we work. Fixing issues with a more convenient and powerful framework is the need of the hour. The demand of custom website development is slowly growing all over the world. PHP 7 with its upgraded versions facilitates the website development process with an ease of access to the developers.More than 82% of the websites around the world depend on PHP.  It subsequently increases the speed of a web page. From a developer’s perspective, there has been a significant improvement in web development with this framework. Discover the latest features of PHP 7 and know how it will facilitate you as a developer.

Fresh Zend Engine

One thing that empowers each version of PHP 7 is the Zend engine. As a developer, you might wonder that it is the similar version of its framework, however, that is not true at all. It is a type of open source C engine that comes as a solution to the PHP language. Presently, the second version of Zend Engine strengthens the functionality of a website. It functions on the basis of an object model, that boosts the language.

Easy Error Handling

Finding small errors was never a simple task for the developers. However, the latest engine enables you to delete those errors and replace them at the same time. The greatest exception is the errors, which continues to exist even in the fifth version. Remember, the exception base class have two exceptions in error handling – Traditional and Engine exceptions. PHP 7 has a new parent class known as BaseException.

64 -Bit Windows Support

Do you know that LAMP stack constitutes a major part of PHP? Linux is used as the native environment. A developer can even use PHP in Windows. No versions of PHP till date had the 64-bit integer. However, PHP 7 is all set to change this as it has the support of large files as well. A developer can confidently, run their language in the 64-bit windows as well.

Facility To Add Anonymous Class

One can add C+and Java in PHP 7. It enables the developers to add an unidentified class in the code. The initiated object has the same functionality along with the class object. The syntax is similar to the traditional classes where the name is missing most of the time. You can speed up the execution time as well as the coding at the same time. Even if there is no need to document the class.

More Speed

With the introduction of Zend engine, the memory gets updated 10 times faster. There is a remarkable improvement in the memory. The Just In Time compilation is done during the run time. However, it can be avoided during the code execution as well. There has been a great improvement in the speed much from its previous versions of 4.1 and 5.6.

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