How Will Android Things Strengthen Android Application Development

How Will Android Things Strengthen Android Application Development

To overcome the problem of handling shipping hardware, Google has come out with ‘Android Things.’ It is a combination of Internet of Things and smarter devices. The purpose is to launch a slightly newer OS to make smart devices work smarter. It’s not something which you will see as most of the time it will be worming at the backend forming a part of android application development. Now, one can easily integrate the android things with Smartphones.

So, what can you do with Android Things? Well, these are the list of things, which the new technology will make possible.

Activate ‘Google Now’

As an android user, it is now possible for you to activate Google Now easily. Remember, that you need Marshmallow installed on the handset to run Google Now. If you are wondering how to activate it? Then here’s how to do it. Go to settings first, click Google and select ‘Search & Now.’ Once you activate it, you will come across information across the screen. Click on the three-dotted icon to disable it.

Supercharge Wi-Fi

Most of the people do not know that Chrome can reduce data and save time to a large extent? To do this, just open your Chrome browser, go to settings and turn on the data saver. You can even tell your phone to switch on the Wi-Fi while you sleep. Don’t forget that while you have a great battery life, you phone won’t connect with Wi-Fi every time. By turning on the data saver mode, you can save upto 30% of your phone’s data.

Easy Battery Optimizations

There are numerous ways to optimize the battery. To do it, just switch off adaptive brightness mode. It can be changed on the basis of current conditions of lightning. The sensor used in an android device might not be accurate as the human eye, however, one can adjust the brightness in terms of your current requirement. Display is the most important area, so make sure that you keep the level at the lowest possible limit.

Granting App Permissions

This is one of the coolest feature. With granular app permissions, you can access hardware of your device as per your need. For instance: if the app needs to access the microphone, it requires permission to launch the app. Previously, you required permissions for allowing third party apps. But now, you can manage then intelligently now.

By combining Internet Of Things along with an Android app, new avenues of development have opened up. It will simplify the task of people more by enabling them to execute complicated tasks in a simple manner.

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