iOS Application Development: What’s In Store For iOS 11 In New Year

iOS Application Development: What’s In Store For iOS 11 In New Year

The new year is special for Apple. It marks the tenth anniversary of its flagship brand iPhone which was introduced way back in 2007. With an upgraded iOS every year, even in the new year, people are waiting to get some good news. iOS application development will reach a new level in 2017 as it is planning to come out with iOS 11.

If you are somebody who is obsessed with the technology of iOS, then you will be excited to know about the stunning features, which Apple is going to bring in the days to come.

iCloud Voice Mail Goes Live

People will bid adieu to the beta version of iCloud, which was previously present in iOS 10. Voicemail messages will now become easier to send. Apple is working on fixing all the bugs which are present in current version. It will come out with a more improved version. There will be less generation gap between the previous and the current generation with the new iCloud.

Drone Data Based Maps

In order to have better access to mapping data, many improvements have been made this time. Apple has deployed a fleet of Drones in order to improve its map. With new indoor navigation features, it will be easier for Apple to get access to all the information. Moreover, it is also in the process for better views inside buildings. This will improve car navigation systems too.

Video Sharing App

In the latest version of iOS, you can expect a similar video chat app like SnapChat. This app will enable users to share videos. Earlier, the primary focus was on developing social media application. The primary objective is to enable the visitor to click and upload the video within few minutes. One can also add drawing in the media files and at the same time apply filters as well.

Siri To Become More Innovative

Siri will undergo a makeover in the latest iOS of Apple. Users will get to hear a simpler and natural voice of Siri. A team of researchers is already working to make it the best application with the finest feature.

Availability of Contact Status

This is one of the finest feature which is yet to be brought out by Apple. To facilitate the communication process, Apple will now detect the exact location and let the users know about the availability of the friends etc. There will be an array of apps, which are available in the future to make it easier for the iPhone users for improved communication.

With less than three days left for the New Year to arrive, gadget lovers are already excited about the next innovation, which Apple is going to announce. As an iOS application development company, you can trust on us to get the most innovative app. Send us an email today at to know more. We’re currently offering a 20% discount on mobile application and website design & development. Contact us today. Hurry Up!


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