Website Design Company: 5 Must To Have Elements of A Great User Interface in 2017

Website Design Company: 5 Must To Have Elements of A Great User Interface in 2017

Team UIPL wishes everybody a Happy New Year!

We’ve yet again arrived at a new year when the human race will go hand in hand with technology. With new beginnings, the urge to create the maximum impressions on the user will also be at its peak. User interface will play a key role. For a website design company, the primary focus will be to enhance the user experience by offering more user-friendly approaches.

To make your website a success factor in 2017, we’re here to share with you 5 most important elements which will contribute towards a great user interface.

Keep It Simple

Avoid from including any unnecessary elements on the web page. Users should get the information right on the home page itself. For instance: if you have a website which gives information about the various restaurants in the city, then booking the table should act as the primary elements. You can include the location and the food items in the hamburger menu. The simple the web page, the simpler will it be for the user. Focus on enhancing the user experience rather than decorating the website.

Use Clarity

Keep the overall structure of your website clear. Provide concise messages on the page. Do not clutter the page with too much content. It will confuse the reader. Use one word instead of two. The same principle applies even when it comes to designing buttons and writing call-to-action words. Keep the text clear and focus more on enhancing the user experience. Lengthy explanations take more time of the users.

Maintain Consistency

Maintaining consistency throughout the website is something which most of the users look for. With consistent interfaces users rely on the patterns mainly. Most of the time, people look for consistency. Starting from the layout to design and language, one should maintain the same rhythm throughout. Improving the efficiency is hence the key towards making things easier. Maintain the layout in the ultimate manner.

Proper Visual Hierarchy

Various elements are used in the website. If you use everything in one page, then it will be overloaded with unnecessary information. Don’t try to make everything important. All the efforts will go in vain. Instead, go for a great visual hierarchy. It reduces the complexity in the user interface. Users can easily accomplish their tasks. Give your users a clear structure of the designing interface. Make the ‘shop button’ stand out from others. Guide visitors in the best possible manner.

Have A Responsive Interface

According to a research by Kissmetrics, 40% of the people will leave the website that loads in more than 3 seconds. Websites and mobile apps, which take less time to upload, is preferred more by the visitors. Hence, going for a responsive interface is the most effective way to engage more customers.

On the eve of the New Year, stay ahead of your competitors by applying the best user interface techniques. Choose us for getting the best mobile application and web design & development. Send us an email at


2 thoughts on “Website Design Company: 5 Must To Have Elements of A Great User Interface in 2017

  1. Like your tips. Keeping it simple is rightfully number one. Not only because a clean appearance brings a more positive energy but also because sites are changing an adapting all the time. You do not want to put 100 hours into something that ends up getting scrapped or changed in 3 months. A simple design can be added to and augmented easier.

    1. Happy New Year Jeremy!
      Thanks for your comments. Web Design should be interactive and should engage more visitors. You are right, a simple design is crucial for a great website. Keep coming back to your blog for more such interesting posts.

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