Overcoming Challenges In Responsive Web Design

Overcoming Challenges In Responsive Web Design

As per a report by Smart Insights, 80% of internet users around the globe own a Smartphone today. Moreover, tablets account for maximum ecommerce sales today. Responsive web design is a sin-qua-non for any website. With numerous works on mobile web pages going on every day, there are some challenges faced by designers. We present to you those challenges and present it in a lucid manner.

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Explaining The Design To Clients

When it comes explaining the designing process to the client, it involves plenty of tasks. Starting from explaining the brief till the execution. To overcome the challenge, just not only talk about the breaking points rather show then the impact which responsive design can bring on the website. If you can’t show the design, then just show the responsive layout. It is a very fluid process that involves sketching and wireframing.

No Static Design Phase

Any change in the old design process makes prototyping a difficult process. Making rapid HTML and CSS is not the ultimate solution. We recommend you to use more elements with fewer layouts. Make the layout as normal as possible. It is quite easy and simple. Designing the browser along with HTML is just the better option. It gives the ultimate flexibility and allows the client to give good output.

Navigation Issues

Previously, navigation was horizontal in nature. Sometimes, it was also on the left side of the page. Visitors were confused where to go next. In other words, the navigation structure was confusing. The solution to this is to make a consistent design following the architecture of the website. No need to download a demo, just apply this techniques to get the best results. Keep in mind about design considerations.

Choosing Wrong Images

In any website, images create the primary impression on the visitor. A set of options are available for functionally improving the designs. Like codes, even images must be implemented with extreme care. The solution to this is to use SVG, icon fonts and scripts. They will give you the perfect results.

Tables To Be Used

Data tables often become more problematic. Sometimes, they consist of complex information. For instance: a large number of rows or columns. It becomes a challenge to put all the information in one screen. You can choose from the various tables available online and use them in your project accordingly.

Once you have overcome the challenges in the website, make sure that you do not forget to test. Once you are confident of testing, only then apply these techniques. We are an expert designer of responsive web pages. If you want a responsive design for your page, then send us an email at contacts@unifiedinfotech.net


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