iOS Swift Development: Simplifying The App Development Process With Swift 3

iOS Swift Development: Simplifying The App Development Process With Swift 3

Lightning fast codes and expressive programming form the basis of mobile app development in any iOS device. Without a powerful development language, the guarantee of the robust app is impossible. iOS swift development forms an integrated part of the development process. With an increase in the number of iPhone users, the demand for robust applications is rising. This language is in increasing demand as developers find it the most useful language.

Wondering how Swift 3 simplifies the iOS app development process? Then take a look below to understand how the whole process works.

Open Source Framework

Swift is the first ever language which comes with a bigger community. It has plenty of resources available with itself that comes with plenty of features such as bug tracker, source code, development builds and mailer lists. It supports numerous platforms starting from Linux to many platforms. It comes as a safer and faster programming language that makes powerful applications.

Refined APIs  With The User

Syntax and patterns used in Swift are different than the ones used in normal programming, The specification of the language is similar to the Swift code specification. A developer applies these guidelines in al standard libraries. They are used in core frameworks such as Grand Central Dispatch, Core Graphics, and Foundation. Frameworks which are originally written in Objective-C is swifter.

Modern and Sophisticated

Swift is a modern language. It’s usability depends on the latest research in the programming languages. It is very easier to maintain and even read. With the help of inferred codes, one can write a cleaner code. The modules eliminate namespaces and headers. Here, the memory is managed automatically. A developer doesn’t need to use semi-colons. In fact there are some more interesting features such as closures with function pointers, generics along with functional programming patterns.

Interoperability of Objective-C

One can create a completely new application by using Swift today. When it comes to implementing new features and introducing functionality, swift coding comes as the ultimate solution. It gives full access to the Objective-C files with the same project name. It brings in the functionality of the app thereby making it a robust application.

There are even other features of Swift, which make it the best iOS language. Its various functional programming patterns such as maps and filters are the strongest features. Moreover, the native error handling ability by using functional patterns such as try, catch, and throw are something, which always stands as an advantage to the developers.

Since the initiation of the language, it has given an incredibly faster performance. With the help of LLVM compiler, it has successfully transformed a native code into modern hardware. Some additional features of the language include Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

We have developed and delivered various Swift based applications using the latest iOS applications. Our scrum software development cycle includes planning, testing, rapid execution and quality analysis. You can trust us when it comes to making the most robust application. Send us an email at if you want to execute a project using Swift.


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