Website Design Company: Design App Icons With These Simple Tips

Visual communication plays a critical role in the digital world today. Without the correct visual appeal, a website cannot stay in the market for a long time. In other words, visual forms a pivotal role in creating the brand image of a company. Businessmen around the world are hiring website design company, to create an impression on the visitors and prospective customers. Companies that are engaged in developing mobile apps mostly hire them. Designing an interactive app icon is the key in getting more visitors.

Though Photoshop and Illustrator are the perfect tools for app development, but there are some rules which you can follow to get the best results from the designing perspective. So, let’s take a look at five tips for a designing an exceptionally beautifully app icon.

Consider Scalability

Maintaining scalability is key in deciding the look of an app icon. Remember, that it will be seen in various places in different sizes. Hence, scalability is an important factor to consider. In the conceptual stage, decide about the look of the icon.

Our Tips

Test the design on various devices. Don’t work on a 1024 × 1024 canvas.

Focus on one object to keep the quality intact.

The icon must look good in various backgrounds.

Icon Recognition

There are a plenty of apps already available. But how will your app stand out from the rest? It is through impressive design. The idea of the app needs to resonate with the colour and the theme. They must connect with the user on an emotional level.

Our Tips

Keep variations in your designs. Place them over a grid to know which is more impressive.

Remove all the details from the icon, unless it stands out.

Study your favourite icons. Declutter them. Now, find out which element makes them so attractive.

Maintain Consistency

To keep a consistent appearance of the icon, two important factors are considered – the level of app interaction and the experience of interacting with the application. The design of the icon should connect with the interactive level.

Our Tips

Align the colour palettes and create a similar design between the app and icon.

Connect the symbolic element of the icon with the app’s functionality.

Maintain consistency between the app’s and icon’s colors.

Add Uniqueness

To make your design stand out from others, there has to be something, which will keep the users engaged in it. It strongly depends upon the interaction between the user and the visual communication. It is an important part of design.

Our Tips

Research about competitors and get an idea about their latest work on app icon.

Go for various colours and compositions.

Reframe your designing concept with an interesting colour.

Stop Using Words

Even while you start making rough sketches for your app icon, stop using words. They disturb the flow of the icon design. Remember that there are separate tools for doing this. Using words in the app icon disturbs the app icon presentation.

Our Tips

Don’t use app’s name inside the icon

If you want to use a single letter, you might use it with

Don’t use the company logo inside a square box

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