Which IDE Should You Use For Android Application Development

Which IDE Should You Use For Android Application Development

Google has its own set of rules when it comes to developing their own product. The search engine giant has plenty of interesting inventions. They have made the lives of humans easier. Even for its flagship mobile OS, android application development has developed interesting APKs to give birth to the most advanced mobile technology. As a developer, it is the IDEs that keep the development process alive.

Often developers are skeptical regarding using the APKs in their next mobile development project. We bring to you some of the most popular IDEs, which will help you to develop an android app in a clear manner.

Develop Robust Apps With Android Studio

The coding environment here is similar to a Java IDE. Error checking and maintaining the hirerchy of the files becomes much easier. You can test apps with the help of Virtual Device Manager. In addition to this, the option of plugging the devices with the Android Debugging Bridge is also available. Coding is here is much easier in comparison to any other APKs.

Speed Up Performance With AVD Manager

Want to test your android app in a virtual device? AVD manager is highly recommended. It can customize each aspect of the app development process. This includes adjusting the screen size, resolutions and setting the RAM size. Google has worked with Intel in order to speed up the performance of the device. You can use the x86_64 instruction architecture if you want to use the best user infrastructure.

Write Great Codes With Android Device Monitor

With the help of this APK, you can easily manage the device when it is connected either with the monitor or the virtual device. It also shows the type of thread which are currently connected with each other. Developer can take advantage of the LogCat. It is helpful to write data within the device. It is basically a supercharged device. It is an interesting feature, which creates appositive impression on the client.

Robust App Development With Unity3D

It has plenty of tutorials available to make everything work with the C# language. To use this software, you need external softwares, which have the ability to utilize 3D in a better manner. There are many tutorials and demos, which you will come across in this IDEs. One can easily take help of the community. However, it is recommended that you carry out the work on desktop.

Faster Scripting With Corona SDK

It’s a quite popular name in the gaming community. Here, Lua is used as the programming language. It is a faster scripting language and is similar to C++ and Java. The specialty of this language is that it enables you to write codes faster. The developer forum is immensely large. It is beneficial for the developer to work with the codes.

Use these IDEs to stay ahead in the android application development industry. We assure you of delivering a completely agile mobile application. If you are looking forward to develop an android based mobile app, then send us an email at contacts@unifiedinfotech.net


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