WordPress Or Magento: Which Is Better For CMS Website Development

WordPress Or Magento: Which Is Better For CMS Website Development

Maintaining a website requires the service of an expert. When it comes to ecommerce, you cannot take chances at all. A proper content management platform is the backbone of an ecommerce website. For a perfect cms website development, companies mainly choose two development platforms – Magento or WordPress. However, the two of them have their own unique features, but often developers are confused in choosing the right one.

Your Requirements From Ecommerce Store

As an ecommerce company, you need to first understand the requirements of your ecommerce store. There are many factors to keep in mind here. The first one is how big will be your store? It depends upon the kind of traffic, which your website will get. Magento comes here as the ultimate solution. Remember, it requires a lot of support. Timeline is another important factor to consider. It depends on the capacity of your server, skill level of the developers and finally your budget. Once you’re confident about your requirements, then choose the platform.

WordPress or Magento – Which Is Better?

There is immense similarity between the two platforms. However, there are unique things, which make each one of them completely different from each other. Let us discover the striking similarities between WordPress and Magento. Both of them are built on PHP. The API of Magento allows you to integrate it with other CRM platforms such as the WordPress APIs.

There are various themes, which allow you to give the perfect theme to your website. A Magento is built with more core functionality. As a developer, one can take the advantage of Magento Connect to integrate tools with the database management. Both Magento and WordPress have a huge community. This means you can get plenty of plugins as well as addons. O the other hand, you will also benefit from the huge online community support.

Mobile responsive websites are applicable both for Magento as well as WordPress. A variety of themes are already available which will help the developer to get an idea about the application.

Which One Should You Go For?

With so many similarities between these two CMS platforms, you might get confused that which is better? It all depends on the skill level and the complexity of the store level. WordPress has huge number of followers around the world. Moreover, many Fortune 500 companies take help of this CMS platform to maintain their website. It is based on advanced engineering technologies to deliver the best results. On the other hand, Magento comes as a great solution only when it comes to making complex online stores. So, the best thing is to choose WordPress for your website.

We have developed robust platforms for many ecommerce websites across various domains. You can trust on us when it comes to developing the most advanced web applications. Send us an email at contacts@unifiedinfotech.net to manage your website on WordPress based CMS platform.


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