Why Should You Use C++ For Android Application Development

Why Should You Use C++ For Android Application Development

The presence of numerous languages in the development world has opened a great sort of opportunities for developers. Bigger players like Apple and Google have their own operating systems. As a leading android application development players, Google has always lead the race. However, there have been efforts to make it more robust. Developers have therefore switched on to C++ to make the experience an interesting one. We recommend you to use the language and use it in a special way.

Write Codes Faster

 There are various ways you can leverage C++ for better results. A developer can use it to develop applications as well as games. Normally there are no user interfaces. They are written in native languages. C++ is used to offer business logics. It is a much faster way to write in native language. You can do this in Java as well. It adds an advantage from the developer’s point of view.

Use Visual Studio

Microsoft launched it in 2005. It allows plugins to manage the Nugget Package Manager. It supports the Visual C++ right from the beginning. It is used to collect all android applications. It makes use of SDK and NDK so that as a developer you do not have to switch to alternate accounts. It has a built in system that leverages network computers. This is done to get greater speeds.

Keep The Existing Game Code

Being an open source engine, C++ can be used across various other resources. Not all games are released across various games. They are all programmed in C++. They can be compiled across various native app development platforms. There are various assets that gives the opportunity to the computers to integrate into the system. It is something that scores over other software development areas also.

Why People Prefer C++ More Than Java

Although Java remains an instant solution when it comes to android app development. As a language, C++ is much superior to C. Moreover, there is always an issue with speed. In some cases, it’s the Java code, which is the best choice in the industry. It is compiled with bytecode and stored with the jarfile. It is known as just in time compilation. You can change the code according to your choice. Another benefit is that C++ can be used across multiple platforms. It is the first activity of initializing the process.

C++ is mostly used in Android. Previously, it was first used with Google Android NDK, which helped most of the mobile applications. It was in late 2014, when the search engine giant released Google Labs that C++ came into use.

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