Single Page Web App With AngularJS Development Simplified

Single Page Web App With AngularJS Development Simplified

Ever since it has come to the development world, it has made the impossible, possible. We are talking of AngularJS here. The most robust javascript based framework, which is essential in making single web applications. The benefit of making AngularJS development a part of your development process is that it has plenty of ready to use models that simplify the app development process.

Through this blog, we will let you know how to develop a simple application with AngularJS. Whatever code you write with this framework will be kept within a single page. For instance: when you use JS, HTML or CSS you can easily navigate through the pages without any problem.

Now let us critically evaluate the benefit of developing a web application with AngularJS.

No Need To Refresh Page

Remember whenever you use single page web application, there is no need to reload the entire page. You can just change that part of the page, which needs to be changed. With the help of AngularJS you can preload as well as cache all your pages. Hence, no need to download them at all. Deliver better user experience with it.

Work Offline

No need of internet connection, making single page applications is possible even without going online. Don’t worry about page uploads as they are already uploaded even without any connection. Pay attention to Javascript so that you are able to adjust the pages as well as manage permissions. You can also pre load all your caches without the need to go online.

Enhanced User Experience

Single page applications are similar to native web apps. They work faster as compares to any other frameworks. Another benefit of working with AngularJS is that they are responsive. Hence, one can also use it even in the mobile devices. The better the user experience, the better will be the interaction level. With AngularJS, you can deliver projects at faster delivery rate.

Better Use Of ngRoute

ngRoute allows a developer to use the routing capabilities in a simplified manner. If you don’t want any page refreshes, then this is the most recommended framework. Moreover, there are various directives and deep linking services available. You must include angular-route script along with the main coding script. There is a common HTML for every single page.

AngularJS is the answer to make single page applications. As a developer, you can also focus on index.html to work on the various versions of a web application. It is also important to consider the implication of good code and bad code. There is an .html file in every single website. It’s a consideration of HTML.

We believe in agile coding with fruitful solutions for developing single page web apps. Our AngularJS developers are accustomed with the latest trends in the industry. You can trust on us to get a great experience. Send us an email at with your project requirement.


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