Your Checklist For The Perfect Website Redesign

Your Checklist For The Perfect Website Redesign

Multiple websites today cover the web world today. Users look for something unique as watching the same themes becomes boring. There are many online retailers around the world who choose a website redesign company to give a complete makeover to their current web page design. Well, it depends on multiple factors when it comes to redesigning a website. Web requirements are one of the important factors among them. However, there are some important protocols, which one needs to follow. In other words, we can say that there are few checklists, which we need to check.

CHECKLIST 1: Website Goals

You must have clear goals in your mind about the website. Once you are confident with the goals. Focus on the metrics in order to achieve your website goals. There are many important factors to consider here such as monthly unique visits, current keywords ranking, bounce rates and average time spent on website. You can increase conversions by 25% by setting great website goals

CHECKLIST 2: Site Usability

There are many factors that determine the usability of the website. For instance: all the content present on the website should be unique. It should be easily navigable. Moreover, one must also trust the users so that they will be able to give more clear information. The overall appearance of the website should appeal to the users of those using the website.

CHECKLIST 3: Website Compliance

Do you know that there are standards set By the World Wide Web Consortium related to a website? As a company, you must follow them strictly. These standards matter to a lot of extent. Those websites which follow these standards work best with modern browsers. They offer better accessibility and operate on less bandwidth. You can check the standards which relates to website.

CHECKLIST 4: Optimized Website

Web designers are quite aware about the role of search engine optimization. They understand that pictures and videos titles matter a lot. This contribute to the search engine rank to a lot of extent. Keep with yourself the important links of the company. While you redesign a website, you might be required to format the entire information of the website. Take advantage of the 301 redirecting strategy when the website is in the stage of redesigning.

CHECKLIST 5: Website Security

This is one of the most overlooked things while maintaining a website. If you do not take care of the website then it is necessary to take steps that ensure that there is no third party access. An authorized access can lead to unexpected results in the future. Before you redesign a website, be sure that there are no security leaks.

These five checklists should be mandatory on your web design platter. Our team of expert web designers can give your web page a complete new makeover by using interactive user-friendly elements. Send us an email at if you are planning to give a new look to your website.

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