Must To Have Elements In An Ecommerce Website For More Sales

Must To Have Elements In An Ecommerce Website For More Sales

Last year, ecommerce accounted for 11.7% of the total retail sales. This was a 15.6% increase as compared to last year. It included everything from fuels to automobiles. Ecommerce website development has taken a leap when it comes capturing the entire online market. Ultimately, what matters at the end of the day is the amount of sales one makes. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep in mind that there must be all the elements that ensure maximum sales.

We present to you a list of essential items, which are mandatory to include in an ecommerce website.

A Great Logo

A logo acts as an assurance of trust on behalf of your company. It creates faith among the customers regarding your services. Some of the greatest brands create impact on their customers with the help of a clear logo. One can also add a mascot or a high quality image in order to impress the visitors. Take for instance: the logo of Sony. The logo has created a brand for them.

Offer Freebies

Every day there are plenty of offers, which online retailers announce all around the world. However, the most popular of them are those, which offer freebies. Freebies create inquisitiveness among the customers. Moreover, it also attracts the prospects of your products. Eye catching banners with attractive call to actions is the key towards creating a successful campaign ecommerce websites.

Brand Your Products

You never know what will your customers like. Hence, it is necessary that you brand your products in a proper manner. If you have a greater list of products on your website, then place all the important ones in your home page. You can have the rest of the products on other pages. There are any retailers, which offer an opportunity to shop with the name of brands. One can utilize the most effective channels with the most creative websites.

Include Shopping Cart

In addition to the shopping cart, you must also add the login and search box. It is not possible to imagine an ecommerce website without a shopping cart. You can just include a simple shopping cart. One must keep an additional option for login as well as passwords for faster access. With a search box, your customers can choose for the exact product, which he or she is looking for. It’s the demand for a specific product which is responsible for creating the search box.

Include Social Media Buttons

 Do not forget to add social media buttons. Research shows that social media accounts for about 20% of sales. Customers are generally interested in the product after taking public opinion. No place is better other than social media platforms to get the best feedback on the products. It is necessary to update yourself with the latest happenings in the industry. You can share any important updates in the industry with the help of such buttons.

All the five points mentioned above will help you to include these elements easily on the website. You can even seek our assistance, as we are an expert in managing your ecommerce website. Send an email to and let us know about your requirements.


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