Using Shadow Effects For The Perfect UI Web Design

Using Shadow Effects For The Perfect UI Web Design

If you evaluate a great design, the functional features attract maximum attention. Aesthetics as and visual details add value to a website. A website design company primarily focus on the functional details. User Interface plays a primary role, as they give the perfect visual cues to the user who visits a website for the first time. It lets the owner of the website understand which elements do they look at when they visit the website. It gives an overall feedback about the users in a concise manner.

Shadows and effects are the two most important characteristics, which is primary in deciding the user interface. This blog will act as your guide when it comes to implementing the shadow effect in the perfect manner. Just keep in mind the below mentioned factors while you design the user interface of a website for the first time.

Affordance Design

When graphical user interface was used for the first time, shadows were the first thing which came into use. Elements and images gave the independence to physically interact with the design. Although it varies from one app to the other, but there are two deciding factors. First, it is the elements which give a raised look and secondly, those elements that give a sunken look. For instance: Windows 2000 used to use such kind of designs.

Create A Visual Hierarchy

Most of the interfaces, which are, used today use z axis. The objects serve as the best visual cue to give perfect indication to the user. With the help of shadows, one can create a hierarchy of elements. Moreover, they help to understand and make clear distinction between two items. Sometimes, it is also possible to visualize with the graphical interface. Google’s Material Design is the best example.

Blur Effects For Mobile Apps

It was the introduction of iOS8, which brought the concept of blur design. This was the first time when on screen effects came into use. The advantage of using such design is that one can easily swipe at the bottom of the screen. You are in full control of the phone’s mechanism. When a user enters in a folder, the background becomes blur, thus highlighting the icons. With low intensity lights, one can easily focus on the primary functionalities.

Overcome Text Readability

It is evident that most of the time, half of the time, the text gets blurred. It makes the process of designing a bit different. As a designer you have to make sure that the image never changes. With content heavy pages, you have to be careful about the most interesting content. Once you have clarity about it, only then proceed further. This will help the designer understand about the perfect thing.

Shadows improve the overall appearance of a website. It gives perfect navigation clues to a visitor to go through their desired sections on the website. You can trust on us to get the best website development services. Just send us an email at and opt for the best website design solutions.


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