Android Application Development: What’s New In Google Assistant?

Android Application Development: What’s New In Google Assistant?

Google is now personalizing its experience more for all its users. It has come out with a personal assistant with the name Google Assistant. It is a great milestone achieved in android application development. Though it seems like a chatbot, but it is an upgraded version from our very own Google. Some stunning features have been introduced here for the first time in the Assistant for the first time. It makes the experience more ethereal. Well, some interesting features which will definitely help you to get the best service.

Let’s explore them.

Easier Subscriptions: Google Assistance will bring information to the customers more easily than anybody else. For instance: if you want an update about every day weather, you need to type it on the search engine. However, with Google Assitant all you need to do is set a notification and you will get an update about weather every day.  You can also receive a Google Now card as well. One can manage the subscriptions easily.

Connect Without Data: Believe it or not! You can even connect without any internet connection. It means that you can speak with Google even when you are offline. It can handle things in a much simpler manner. You will receive a notification once the answer is ready for you. One can submit the query while being offline and then receive the answer while it is prepared at the background.

Easy Image Recognition: One amazing feature of Google Assistant is that it can search for all kinds of images. Something which is similar to the Google images. You can take a picture from the chat interface and send this to an existing chat. Moreover, you can also open the assistant chat and take a quick snap. It can also read QR codes that make it easier for the product to recognize.

Smarter Replies: You must be aware of Google inbox. It comes with smarter replies option. It has spot on replies, which helps the user to identify the features. It gets better and better with time. Thus, it saves a lot of time of the developer. If you are searching for nearby restaurants, then it will present with a lot of interesting options. Even before you can imagine, you can do it very easily.

Google Assistant comes as a formidable solution to users as well as developers. It is best suited for mobile app development companies who want instant results. If you want to develop an android app, then just send us an email at


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