6 Web Design Mistakes That Can Harm Your Website

6 Web Design Mistakes That Can Harm Your Website

Website design is an emerging service in this world of digital transformation. Every website in the world needs a unique design, which caters to its target audience. With creative designs it is possible to make a remarkable website. However, a website design company can offer just the optimum solution for your need. Sometimes, even a designing company makes some mistakes, which ultimately harms your website.

Through this blog, we will come to know what are those mistakes and how will we overcome them.

Mistake 1: A Splash Page

The concept of using a splash page is now an age-old tradition. It has no importance in today’s fast-paced world. They just increase the bounce rate of your website. All your users look for is a good home page. If you want to trigger a response among your customers, then the best way to do is with the help of an interesting home page. Use a pop up window to initiate a conversation within your customers.

Mistake 2: Inconsistent Style

Keep consistency throughout the website by maintaining a similar pattern in terms of keeping the font size. The typography must be consistent and must reflect professionalism. You can create a consistent appearance for the website by following the style guide. If you fail to create a positive impression on the audience, then you cannot make an impact on them with your design.

Mistake 3: Puzzling Navigation

Don’t make the visitors of your website keep guessing. Try to determine what information they are looking for on a web page. Keep a horizontal menu with short descriptions. A dropdown menu under each of the items would also be good. Make sure that a search box is included at the top of each page. It may either be on the upper right or upper left corner.

Mistake 4: Too Many Images And Videos

According to an Adobe study, 39% people leave a website if it takes too long to load. Using high quality images, animations and videos make a website heavier. It is therefore better to use image optimizer, which will help you to optimize the images before uploading them. Lightweight versions of your web page are much easier to work with and it opens easily.

Mistake 5: Not Using White Spaces

To create a great impact of the content upon the reader, it is always better to use white spaces. Using plenty of graphics and texts distracts the user. They end up retaining less information. Hence, the better way is to use adequate white spaces. This will deliver a great impact on the readers mind by highlighting the text more.

Mistake 6: Less Responsive Website

Most of the people around the world access internet through mobile and many other devices other than the computer. As a designer, it is your primary responsibility to make a responsive website. This will help to get more traffic to your website ultimately leading to more leads.

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