How Will Android Studio 2.3 Facilitate App Development?

How Will Android Studio 2.3 Facilitate App Development?

As the mobile app development world continues to blaze ahead in 2017, the demand for apps is increasing. Android app development will reach a new phase with the release of Android Studio 2.3. It will be a great tool for the developers to use in developing an application. This time Google has released the latest version of the app with the sole objective of facilitating the development process.

Whether it’s the new WebP support or the constraint lay out library, the layout editor in this latest version of Android has to be updated. Moreover, the app link assistant gives you a consolidated review of all the URLs in the app.

Features That Facilitate App Development  

New UI Changes: The run action will help an application to restart that part of the code, which you have changed. To improve the reliability, the startup lag has also been eliminated. One can swap the code whenever required. Moreover, the cache is necessary to make faster clean codes. With pre-determined user build cache you can optimize the code. Now, one can generate WebP images from all the PNG files.

Full Fledged Development: Lint is the latest feature of the base. One can fix issues easily without any problems. If you have a legacy lint issues in the app, then you can easily fix them. The app link assistant allows you to create new intent filters by creating a digital asset link file. All you have to do is go to the link assistant. The the IntelliJ is another update which has been made to the studio this time. A new notification system with an inspection window is primary.

Robust Testing: Android Emulator is upgraded in this version of the studio. It helps to copy the test in both the environment. The copy and paste function works with both the Google API Emulator. With better command line tools there are ample opportunity for corresponding scripts. If you are creating Android Virtual Devices, you can update all the scripts. All the updates will not in any way influence the app development process.

A number of things are included in the widget palette along with the Layout editor. Developers can create new intent filters along with the URLs. Once it gets updated there are a quick overview of the same is also required for filtering the vector asset wizard.

The developers aspect ratio matter a lot here. If you want to maintain the aspect ratio of a widget, then it is possible to make faster and cleaner apps. We can help you to make a  great android app with zero bugs. Send an email to us at and let us know about your project details.


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