How MCommerce Rules the Retail Landscape of 2017?

How MCommerce Rules the Retail Landscape of 2017?

While eCommerce ( electronic commerce) is carving out a new era of the global business environment, the technological advancement has all its focus on the web based business model. Today eCommerce is more innovative which allows global consumers an unrestricted access to the products. With mobile technology coming into the scenario, shopping habits have changed a lot and consumers are no longer required to stay connected with their PC or laptop to make a purchase. According to Nielsen’s global survey, more than 70% of eshoppers have made a purchase via wireless devices during the past six months. No wonder, mobile innovations have stimulated this trend pretty well, which further results into the growing dependence on the ecommerce mobile app development companies.

 mCommerce extends business prospects

Over the past few years, the dependence on mobile based commerce (mCommerce) has spawned in several interesting features in the business concept. While it has brought a drastic change in the business scenario, this trend has also opened up multiple avenues for the online retailers to serve their potential customers in a more effective manner. From faster loading retail apps to digital wallet-identification cards, the global ecommerce environment is all set to introduce its customers with effective, precise and user-friendly shopping experience.

Brand building is easier like never before

With mobile apps, retailers can now afford to build a relationship with their customers that go far beyond the boundaries of brick and mortar business. Today, a brand no longer needs to wait for the consumers to walk into the store or spot an ad to get engaged. Instead, business can reach consumers everywhere irrespective of their geographical location. Even when a customer is not shopping, the retailers are still on the minds of the consumers. The presence of the app on the customer’s phone becomes a constant reminder of the brand’s existence.

Credit and Debit transactions are no more mandatory option

As mCommerce have had a positive impact on the retail landscape, payment practices are also changing a lot. According to Nielsen, more than half of the internet respondents shopped online with their mobile wallet during the past few months. The digital payment practice (payment through mobile wallet) has not only improved convenience, but also offers customers a personalized and hassle free shopping experience.

Cross-border Ecommerce is Highly Encouraged

With mobile technologies gradually capturing the global market, consumers are also expanding their shopping boundaries. Over the past few years, a large volume of consumes have shopped a lot from overseas retailers. As per the reports of Nielsen, retail has become one of the leading globalization holdouts in the recent times, but technology is giving the consumers access to a wide array of products which were previously not available.

The Takeaway

No doubt, the advancement of mobile technology is aiding the growth and prospects of ecommerce across the globe. It’s been expected that the business will surely find a definitive growth in the next five years or so. However, if you are looking to get into the domain of online retailing, reach us at and get effective suggestion from the leading ecommerce mobile app development company of India.


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