Why Does Your eCommerce Store need a Mobile App?

Why Does Your eCommerce Store need a Mobile App?

The growth of the eCommerce market is very impressive with the booming trend of mobile users worldwide. Millions of brands are entering in this emerging market giving it an international expansion and e-retail is the order of the day. But the challenge arises, how to engross the people to stick with you or make a repeat purchase of your product or services?

According to study, a one-third or all eCommerce customers are mobile users now. Many eCommerce businesses approach the app market and gained maximum exposure and business. For many reasons, a mobile app is a far better choice than simply permitting your eCommerce site’s source code for mobile browsers. Here are the reasons why your business needs an eCommerce mobile app development service to grow the business.

User Chooses App Over Mobile Browser

The study says 78% customers prefer to access their favorite shopping sites using a mobile app than through mobile browsers. The mobile eCommerce makes the whole shopping experience better and satisfying with faster browsing and user-friendly options. Users don’t need to memorize a URL or log in every time they visit to place the usual order or see what’s new.

Mobile Apps Have Push Notification

Intelligent push notification attracts customers and increases your sale. Users can get the offer notification without opening the browser or app and choose to visit the store during the weekends. Messages like “30% Off on International brands this weekend” will always fetch customers to your eCommerce portal.

Easier, Faster and More Secure Payments

A mobile app ensures faster, easier and secure payment procedure to give the customer a satisfying experience. It can be programmed to remember payment options for your next subsequent shopping. Most times customers face a complex buying process that leads them to high cart abandonment rate and you surely don’t want that.

Apps Support Social Sharing

You always desire from your customers to do advertising for you by sharing the offers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites. Mobile app developers have the capability to add social sharing right into your app. You need a mobile app to share your store offers socially that is very important for your store marketing.

App Encourages Brand Loyalty

A shopper survey reveals 67% of mobile shoppers use apps for their favorite brands and the connection between the brand and the shoppers are strengthened by apps. Retailers can generate mobile-only offers or coupons to reward their mobile users which increase their fan base and mobile app engagement.

Mobile apps act as a keystone of your mobile strategy. By publishing your app on the store, you start a relationship with your store visitors. You can get from the analytics to optimize your app and monitor user behaviors. Your goal should be to provide a personalized and seamless experience to your customers regardless of what device they are on.


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